How to Test Internet Speed ​​Easily

A fast internet connection is the hope of all internet users, enabling browsing on the internet to remain smooth without any problems. Currently, the average internet speed for 4G cellular cards in Indonesia is 20Mbps, which is quite fast.

Are you curious about the total internet speed that is used now? To check it is very easy, and this requires third party service to do so so that the results are more accurate.

Basically, testing internet speed can be easily done by downloading files on the internet through a browser. Usually you will be able to see how fast the download process is. But it’s still less accurate when viewed from many factors. Therefore, this article was created to help you test internet speed easily and accurately.

How to Test Internet Speed ​​Accurately

Although there are many ways to find out the speed of the internet, in this tutorial we will share a method that is fairly practical and can be applied on a computer or on a cellphone. All you need is a browser.

Please follow the tutorial below to start testing the internet speed you are using:

  1. Go to the Speedtest website.

  2. Then click the button Start.

    Click Start Button

  3. Wait for the testing process to complete.

  4. Then you will be able to see the result on the screen.

    Test Internet Speed ​​Accurately

Why is this method accurate? Because the Speedtest site has a feature to stimulate network, so that the process for testing downloads can be maximized without any limitations. In addition, the selected server is the closest server to the location, so the latency obtained can be very low.

Tips for Maximizing Accuracy When Testing Internet Speed

Accuracy can only be obtained if the internet connection is only intended during the testing process. But if the connection is being used by other thingOf course, this testing process cannot be said to be accurate.

Other things referred to in the sentence above are as follows:

  • Open multiple tabs in the browser.

  • Stream music or videos.

  • Download files.

  • And update the application or system.

Some of the things above should be avoided first when testing internet speed. That way the internet connection is only focused on the Speedtest site, so you can know the final result accurately.

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Knowing the internet speed can be done easily with the help of the Speedtest website. In addition there are also similar services, and even Google itself also provides it directly on its search engine.

The advantage of the Speedtest site is that users are free to choose a local server to test. And to make the results more accurate, don’t forget the additional points above. That way you can find out exactly what internet speed you are using.

Hopefully useful and good luck