How to test the screen and sensors on a Samsung cellphone

A cell phone sometimes has a lot of sensors, but some of them are almost never used. Only a few sensors are often used, such as fingerprint, face detection, iris, and proximity.

Have you ever thought about whether the other sensors in the phone are fully functional? For example, sensors for footsteps, brightness, heart rate, and others that are supported by the cellphone.

On Samsung phones, all supported sensors on the device can be tested on one place. That way you can find out whether the phone is in good condition or not. And it’s not just a sensor that can be tested, but screen touch, color, and so on.

Special Code to Test Samsung Phone Screen and Sensor

Julybe everyone already understands if the code *#06# used to check number IMEI. But on Samsung phones, there are special codes that are useful for checking the stability of the phone from many directions.

The code is *#0*# and please type in the menu dial / call on the cellphone. Instantly the phone will enter a page It has a white background and lots of menus to test things out.

Screen and Sensor Test on Samsung

Screen Touch Test

Please select menu TOUCH and then touch on the box that appears on the screen. It aims to determine the presence of dead spots on pixels. But if all the boxes can be touched and are green, that’s a sign that the touch of the phone screen is normal.

Color Test

There are three color choices provided, including: RED, BLUEand GREEN. From that menu you can tell if a color looks like it should and doesn’t discoloration.

Sensor Test

Menu options SENSOR you can use it to test almost all supported sensors on the phone. Such as Accelerometer, Brightness, Proximity, Fingerprint, Gyroscope, and others.

For example, try placing your hand on the phone’s proximity sensor. Later a vibration will appear when the sensor reacts. If you don’t understand the proximity sensor, it’s usually used when making phone calls, where the phone will automatically dim the screen when the screen is close to your ear.

Camera Test

There is also a menu to test the camera’s functionality, it is separated between the front camera (FRONT CAMERA) and the rear camera (REAR CAMERA). Of course this aims to check whether the camera is functioning properly or vice versa.

An example of an incident that makes you have to test the camera’s functionality is when you can’t take pictures properly. So you can find out the error is caused from the camera application or even the camera on the cellphone.

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There are many more things you can test. Some of them also provide options to do recalibration. So if there is something wrong with a feature on your phone, try to check it on this feature to find out more.

Hopefully useful and good luck