How to Top Up Funds Through Mandiri M-Banking

How to Top Up Funds Through M-Bangking Mandiri_The fund application is a digital wallet that is currently widely used and used, the fund application itself has an elegant appearance, is simple and easy to use and is practical without the hassle of carrying an atm card. using the funds application we can transfer quickly using this funds application.

You can get the fund application itself in the play store for android users and the app store for iphone users. For those of you who don’t know how to register in the fund application, here’s how to enter or register in the latest 2022 fund application.

After you have finished installing your fund application, you can directly log in to the fund application.

•Tap on your fund application, enter the phone number you want to register with this fund application.

After you enter the phone number correctly, you will get an OTP code, to speed things up you can copy the OPT code you received and enter it into the fund application

•Next you will be taken to the menu where you have to create a password or password. Make sure the password you enter is a password that we think is easy to remember, and make the password as complex as possible.

•And click on the “Finish” option menu then automatically you already have an account in the fund application.

The Sana application is a digital money wallet that makes it easy to make various kinds of financial transactions that are simple and easy to use. How to top up funds via Mandiri m-banking.

Julybe for those of you who want to top up funds through Mandiri M-banking, here are the steps if you want to top up funds through Mandiri M-Bangking:

for those of you who haven’t upgraded to the premium version, you can only top up a maximum of Rp. 2 million in this fund application. If you want more, you can upgrade your fund application to the premium version.

When you are already in the premium funds version, you can top up for Rp. 10 million.

For those of you who want to top up funds, there are several things you need to know, namely you have to set up a virtual account. The virtual account number will appear on the menu in the balance contents section.
Next, you can select the Bank Mandiri logo in the bank transfer section. Here are some complete ways to top up funds to m-banking Mandiri

First you can open the application with the name “livin”by Mandiri.

Then you can login using your name and password.

In the next menu, you can tap the option in the menu section ‘pay’

Tap On the new payment section and tap on the menu that says “Multipayment”

Then you can select the source of the account and tap on the service provider menu.

Then you can enter in the search keyword ‘top up funds’ and select a service provider to top up funds.

Then you can enter the virtual account number that was there earlier.

Then if a confirmation appears, you can tap the confirmation option and before confirming, please check whether the data is correct.

Set confirmation, then you just have to wait a few seconds until the DANA top up menu appears successful or successful.

Thus the discussion on How to Top Up Funds Through M-Banking Mandiri, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.