How to Top Up Knight Online via Credit – For KsatriaOnline game players who want to buy gems but don’t know how. Julybe this online knight top up method via credit can help you make it happen.

In this MMORPG game, there are various options for buying credit, from Telkomsel, Indosat, Indonesia Bolt, XL/AXIS, and 3. In addition, this Ksatria Online gems refill also covers various countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. , and also Thailand.

However, before going to this topic, we will provide a little information about what is Knight Online, along with the price of gems that you need to spend to buy it. Here’s the full explanation.

What is Knight Online

KnightOnline is an online MMORPG game that allows players to explore a world to fight against the forces of evil. Through Knight Online, you can choose various items with 4 classes of characters.

Through the official platform, indonaga com the game Ksatria Online A kingdom in chaos can be played on various platforms, be it Java, Android, iPhone, and also Windows Phone.

Please use Warrior, Assassin, Sorcerer, Hunters characters with various Physical attribute skills Dam – Tape – Fire – Electricity – Poison to further explore this world of combat.

Price List of Knight GemsOnline

After knowing a little about this online knight, for those of you who want to buy gems to complete items or equipment, you also need to know the price for gems provided by this online knight top coda.

  • IDR 3000 – 9 Gems
  • IDR 5000 – 15 Gems
  • IDR 10,000 – 30 Gems
  • IDR 20,000 – 68 Gems
  • IDR 25,000 – 93 Gems
  • IDR 50,000 – 204 Gems
  • IDR 100.000 – 442 Gems
  • IDR 200,000 – 915 Gems
  • IDR 500,000 – 2286 Gems

The price of the contents of this online knight gem does not include VAT. So make sure the credit you have is more than the available amount. Suppose you buy 442 Gems for IDR 100,000, then make sure your credit is more than 110 thousand rupiah.

How to Top Up Knight Online via Credit

After knowing the price of online knight gems, here is the method of filling indonaga online knight gems. Please follow the steps below to start the purchase process.

  • First, make sure your credit is sufficient to top up knight games online.
  • Then, open the browser application on the game device that you are using.
  • In the browser field, please enter the following link
  • After entering the KsatriaOnline indonaga is gems homepage, please fill in all the required things.
  • Country selection.
  • Cellular card that you want to top up (Telkomsel, Indosat, Indonesia Bolt, XL/AXIS, or 3)
  • Game played: Ksatria Online (indo dragon or indo garuda new)
  • Price or Price
  • Account: Use Char’s Name (The name above the character’s head), Example: BlackSword
  • Phone Number (phone number).
  • If you have clicked ‘Buy Now’.
  • At this stage you will be sent to CodaPay, with details of the purchase bill for the transaction made.
  • If so, click ‘Continue’.
  • Wait for the transaction process to be carried out, if there is an incoming message to the number that has been listed, please open it.
  • Follow the message instructions, for example, type Up 185701 to 97080.
  • After the message is sent, there will be a reply message from 97080, which contains a credit deduction from the online knight gems purchase transaction.
  • Please check the gems of the indo dragon online knight account or indo garuda new to make sure whether the gems have been entered or not. Done

That’s the information we can convey related to online knight top ups. If there is anything that needs to be asked about the process of is gems online literature, you can ask it through the comments column.

Now you can top up knights online via credit via the Garuda or Dragon server. So, do the steps above if one day you want to buy gems through the indonaga site again.

As for if you want to top up knights online via funds, Indonaga has not provided an alternative for purchases e-wallet this. So, sorry we can’t provide a buying guide. Thank you and hopefully useful.