How to track a lost cellphone on wa

How to track a lost cellphone on Wa_Whatsapp is a social media application that is commonly used and widely used by android users, the whatsapp application itself is a chat application, send videos and photos and many more functions including being able to track a lost cellphone just by using this whatsapp application.

The WhatsApp features themselves are currently many new features appearing in the latest WhatsApp updates at this time. So don’t be surprised if by using WhatsApp you can track a lost cellphone. WhatsApp itself is an application that is simple, elegant and easy to use and easy to understand so currently many are already using WhatsApp in all circles. Of course because with a simple and easy to understand display for how to use it.

This whatsapp application itself is a simple application but has many hidden features that we can get, one of which can track a lost cellphone using only the whatsapp application. store for iphone users

Good for those of you who want to know, How to track a lost cellphone on WhatsApp 2022 is much sought after by netizens, for those of you who might be sad to lose your cellphone, you can track your cellphone using this WhatsApp application. Apart from WhatsApp, how to track a lost cellphone can also you find through google account and use google chrome.

If you want it to be simple, you can just use WhatsApp to track the whereabouts of your lost cellphone.

How to track a lost cellphone in the WhatsApp application is very easy, you just need a data package so that your WhatsApp can be active and can find the whereabouts of your lost cellphone. Of course when a cellphone is lost, we will feel confused, sad and confused. But calm down by using whatsapp you can find your lost cellphone.

For how to track a lost cellphone using WhatsApp, you can follow the steps below.

First open your whatsapp application if you have two cellphones, or you can

borrow a friend’s or relative’s cell phone.

Enter your lost cell phone contact earlier then you can tap on the menu section attach the icon, Attach and if the cellphone has a menu like a paper image.

And then several menus will appear that you will find, such as documents, cameras, galleries, audio and many more, you can select in the location menu and then you can and use the google map symbol tap on the location icon menu to search for cellphones you were the one missing.

Next, a location menu will appear, a map will appear for WhatsApp, make sure your position on the WhatsApp map is correct and correct, then you can tap the “Share Current Location” menu section.

Next, a location contact menu will appear, select a duration of 8 hours so that you can access the lost cellphone. Then a continue menu will appear and tap the continue option.

Then there will be a map menu that you share in the conversation column, after that return it to the conversation balloon and later in the conversation contact of the recipient of the message the location that we share will appear.

Next, click on the location menu that we shared earlier.

After that, in the option, click the box that says the current location, then the location sent earlier will reach the recipient. Automatically the recipient will know where my current location is. Next, click the Get Directions menu, then you will be immediately guided by using Google map to get the current location of the lost cellphone.

How to find out the missing location, one easy way is to use whatsapp. And of course to use this feature, of course, both parties must agree, meaning that you both agree with the sender of the location and the recipient of the location.

Thus the discussion on How to Track a Lost Hp on Whatsapp, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.