How to Track Anteraja Package Delivery

Anteraja is a freight forwarding service that has been operating since 2022. Although it is relatively new, the services provided are very good and offer various interesting facilities in providing customer satisfaction.

Just like other large freight forwarding companies, Anteraja also applies the same concept. And the shipping price is also not much different. But of course there are advantages in each of the goods delivery services.

Tracking the delivery of packages or goods sent via Anteraja is very easy. You can do it right away via the official Anteraja website. To find out how, please refer to this article.

Tracking Anteraja Package Delivery

Overall, there are three ways you can track the current location or delivery of a package. But this article will share the easiest way, so you don’t need to install additional programs or applications. Please follow the procedure below.

  1. Go to page Check receipts on the Anteraja website.

  2. In column Number/Code fill in the tracking code or receipt number obtained from the sender.

    Fill in Receipt Number

  3. Then fill in the column below according to the picture captcha which appears.

    Fill in the Captcha Code

  4. Then click the button Lacak.

  5. Then the delivery status of the number will appear.

    How to Track Anteraja Package Delivery

Now you can find out the delivery process and the current location of the package. However, please note that the information displayed there is not realtime. So sometimes there is a delay in data input so that the goods do not seem to move.

Meanwhile, if you often use Anteraja’s goods delivery service, it is highly recommended to download the application on the Play Store or Apps Store so that it is even faster and easier to track the package.

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Anteraja Packages Not Moving? This is the solution

I’ve also experienced this problem, where I’ve been waiting for a few days and the package is still in a Hub and there’s no update for 3 days. If there is no movement in one day, it is still normal, but if for more than 2 days there is no update from the package, then you can be sure the item is stuck.

The solution is to contact Anteraja support service. Can go through phone, e-mailor maybe Twitter. If I myself contact via Twitter @anteraja_id. And since they were followed up, the package finally moved and arrived at its destination the next day.

Problems like this should never have happened, but I feel that this problem doesn’t just happen to Anteraja, but I’ve also experienced it in other shipping services as well. And this incident only happened once from my experience using Anteraja’s delivery service.

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