How to Transfer BCA to Bank Jago and the Fees – Are you looking for a tutorial on how to transfer BCA to bank Jago? If yes, you are at the right place. because in this article we will discuss about it.

In the Jago bank application, users can top up the bank in various ways. One of them is a transfer from BCA to a good bank using either an ATM or M-BCA.

Well, below we will provide complete information related to how to transfer BCA bank to Jago bank. For those of you who want to know how to do it, please follow the steps we listed below.

How to Transfer BCA to Bank Jago

Bank Jago users who want to make various kinds of transactions, such as paying for something, buying credit, or internet packages. Of course, you need to top up Jago’s bank first.

There are various top up methods that can be done, both through conventional banks and digital money wallets, which are now the most widely used non-cash transactions today.

However, here we will share the BCA transfer method to the Jago bank application quickly and easily. In addition, we will also inform the admin fee of this money transfer process. Here are the complete details.

1. Transfer BCA to Bank Jago via ATM

The first guide we share is the process of top up bank balance. Using a BCA bank ATM. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the nearest BCA bank ATM machine
  • Enter BCA ATM Card and PIN
  • After entering the menu options, please select ‘Transfer’.
  • Then, select ‘Interbank transfer’.
  • In the code and bank account input field, please enter the Jago bank code and account number. (Jago bank code: 542)
  • If so, click ‘Continue’.
  • Enter the transfer amount, then select ‘Continue’.
  • Double-check the transfer details, then Send. Done

2. Send BCA Balance to Bank Jago via M-BCA

Users of the BCA Mobile application can also make transfers to Bank Jago. This method is also the most flexible because there is no need to go to an ATM machine to make a transfer. Here are the steps.

  • First, please open a BCA mobile application account
  • Then, enter the mobile access code.
  • After entering the homepage of the application, please click on the ‘M-transfer’ option.
  • Then, click ‘register interbank account’.
  • Enter the Bank account number. then select the ‘Bank Jago’ option.
  • Please return to ‘m-transfer’ again.
  • Then select ‘Interbank transfer’, then select ‘Bank Jago’ again.
  • Please select the account that has been registered above.
  • Enter the nominal transfer to Bank Jago. Then send
  • Don’t forget to enter your mBCA PIN
  • Done.

So, that’s the complete guide to sending BCA balance to good bank that we can share. Please transfer funds according to the transaction you will do in the Jago digital bank application.

Regarding the minimum or maximum amount of transfer, we have not found any information related to this. because there is no specific information that contains the BCA limit to this Jago bank.

BCA Transfer Fee to Bank Jago

For those of you who are wondering about how much the transfer fee from BCA to Jago bank might be, you can directly look at the BCA bank transfer policy to another bank.

As we all know, Bank BCA charges a fee of 6,500 for all transfers to other banks. Including Jago bank.

Then, does this also apply the other way around, min, namely good bank transfers to BCA?. Each bank has its own transfer fee policy. But if you want free, please use the Flip application as the medium.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the transfer fee of BCA to the best bank in 2022. Hopefully the little information we provide is useful for people in need. That’s all and good luck.