How to Transfer DANA Balance to OVO

OVO and DANA are popular online wallets that have multiple uses. Where users can pay for everything without leaving the house, for example shopping at online stores, paying electricity bills, and others.

There are so many conveniences offered by these two online wallets, and I myself have used both of them until now for my daily needs.

Previously, I had also shared an article about how to send OVO balance to DANA. But actually you can also send the opposite, namely from FUND to OVO. And the method will be shared in this article.

Sending FUND Balance to OVO

The advantages of DANA are: free charge to transfer to the account a maximum of 10 times for each month. And what is used to send DANA balances to OVO is the account transfer feature.

Here are the steps to send money from DANA to OVO, please follow:

  1. Open the DANA app.

  2. Tap menu Send.

  3. Next select Send to Bank Account.

    Select Send to Bank Account

  4. Then tap option Send to Bank Account.

    Tap the Send to Bank Account option

  5. Several columns will appear, select Bank name as NOBU NATIONAL BANK.

    Fill in the column to send DANA balance to OVO

  6. Next, fill in the fields Account Number with the format 9+OVO Number. So if for example the OVO account number is 08123456789, then the example is as follows:

  7. For column Alias, can be left blank. And continue tap the button Tambah Bank Baru.

  8. Then you will be asked to write down the nominal balance you want to send.

  9. After that tap the button Atur Jumlah and continue tap the button Konfirmasi.

    Balance Delivery Confirmation

  10. In this section, you can see the recipient’s name, if it matches the one in the recipient’s OVO account, please tap the button Konfirmasi once again to continue.

    Reconfirm the Recipient of Balance from DANA to OVO

  11. Almost done, the last step is to enter your DANA account PIN.

    Transfer Fund Balance to OVO

  12. And finally the balance has been successfully sent.

    Successfully Sending Fund Balance to OVO

For the first time, maybe the steps above will take a long time to do. But if you have done it just once, surely the above method will be very easy and fast. All you need is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to make it last forever.

Oh yes, the delivery process from DANA too instant you know, so the balance will be sent immediately from the name of the sender’s DANA account. So this is the same as sending money through an ATM.

Why Fail to Send Balance from DANA to OVO?

In one case, the user experienced a failure which caused the balance not to be sent to the OVO account, and the transaction on DANA appeared as unsuccessful. This is usually caused by a poor OVO system refuse transaction the.

This happened to me at the end of the month, where OVO always refused my topup transactions. But that only lasted a few days. And you also don’t need to worry, because the balance that failed to be sent will be immediately returned to the DANA account.

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DANA and OVO have almost the same advantages, where both have special account addresses that can be used to easily top up balances. But the difference that is quite prominent is that DANA has features free of charge 10 times to send money to a bank account, whereas OVO doesn’t have that feature anymore.

Be it OVO or DANA, it definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that both online wallets can store users’ money safely. And if you have any questions regarding the steps described above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck