How to Transfer Domain from Google to Another Registrar

Do you own a domain with Google Domains and want to move it to another registrar? No need to worry, because Google provides an easy and fast way to do it. But you also need to know about the conditions.

The condition is that the domain must have an age of approx 2 months to be transferred to another registrar. Less than that you can only transfer it to another Google Domains account which only needs to wait 5 days from the creation of the domain.

The domain transfer process from Google Domains is very easy, it’s the same as in other registrar, where you only need get authentication code as the real identity of the domain owner, and later the domain will immediately move along with the settings DNS and others.

Domain Transfer Tutorial from Google Domains

There are two stages that you need to do, the first is to get the authentication code from the domain you want to transfer, and the second is the process of transferring the domain to the desired registrar. Please read and follow the steps carefully below:

1. Get Domain Authentication Code

  1. Please sign in to your Google Domains account first.

  2. Then select the domain you want to transfer.

  3. After that click menu Registration Settings.

    Click the Registration Settings Menu

  4. Scroll down to the Domain Transfer section, please click the button Get Authentication Code.

    Click the Get Authentication Code Button

  5. Then you will be asked to write down the account password again for system security.

    User Verification by Writing Account Password

  6. A dialog will appear, please choose between transferring the domain to another account or to another registrar.

    How to Transfer Domains from Google Domains to Another Registrar

  7. Later the authentication code will appear, please copy it.

    Authentication Code for Domain Transfer to Another Registrar

2. Transferring Domains to Another Registrar

As long as you have got the domain authentication code, then the next step is the process to transfer it to another registrar. Some services have different prices, but there are also services that accept free domain transfers.

The steps to do this are very easy. In the domain service you want, please click the Transfer menu, then type the domain you want to transfer, then follow the procedure.

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Several questions are needed to move the domain, such as changing the owner’s name, renewal DNSand also the authentication code as the real identity of the domain owner.

After you complete the procedure, of course the domain will be transferred immediately on the same day.

Hopefully useful and good luck