How to Transfer Telegram Stickers to Whatsapp 2022

How to Move Telegram Stickers to Whatsapp 2022_Stiker is a unique and cute icon that can be found in the telegram and whatsapp applications. For those of you who want to add stickers to whatsapp you can go through this telegram application, of course what we will discuss this time is how to move Telegram stickers to whatsapp if you want to add to your WhatsApp sticker collection.

Whatsapp and Telegram are chat applications, send videos, photos, etc. Of course, both of them have also been used by many users on Android. If you want to have lots of Whatsapp stickers with a new style, you can do it by moving the Telegram stickers to WhatsApp of course.

To move it yourself is of course very easy, for those of you who want to know how to move a telegram sticker to wa right in this article we will discuss how. Well before that, for those of you who are still beginners who want to get WhatsApp or have not used WhatsApp, you can install the application on the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users.

Here’s how to enter the latest 2022 WhatsApp application.

First you can install the application to the latest version

Tap on the app if you have successfully downloaded it on play store or app store.

Then enter your mobile number and without the 0, because there is already a +62 sign. Next you enter your phone number and you will get an OTP code and it will automatically go directly to your WhatsApp.

After logging in to your WhatsApp, please create your name as you wish,

Change your profile photo and tap on the photo menu and you just have to choose in your gallery.

Activate cellular data and automatically you already have your whatsapp account and can chat and video calls with your friends and relatives.

How to Login to Telegram

First, you can just download it directly on the play store for android users and the app store for iphone users.

After you finish tapping into your Instagram, the same way you just enter your phone number and automatically you can also go directly to your Telegram.

In Telegram itself you can also create a channel or Telegram group.

How to move Telegram stickers to the latest WhatsApp 2022.

For those of you who are curious, how to move whatsapp stickers to telegram is very easy. Here are some ways to move telegram stickers to whatsapp:

First you have to install the added application first, namely the “unofficial telegram sticker” application

•And the file is not large, only about 2.1 MB.

For a picture of the application, it is like this

After that you can enter your telegram application, tap on the three-dot icon at the top left,

Then you can select the settings menu

•Tap on chat settings menu

and select the menu at the bottom as shown below..

And you can tap copy the sticker that you will share to your whatsapp. And after you copy the sticker link as above, then you enter the additional application that we downloaded earlier.

Tap on the (+) icon and select the menu at the bottom, paste the sticker link and select the “download” menu automatically the telegram sticker will be downloaded and after it’s finished you will be taken to the share menu, your whatspap display will appear and select share to whatsapp we are active.

If you want to see where the sticker from the telegram that was sent to WhatsApp earlier, you can check in the menu section as shown below.

and automatically we have moved the telegram sticker to whatsapp.

That’s the discussion on how to move Telegram stickers to WhatsApp 2022, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.