How to Transfer Telkomsel Data Packages More Than 1GB 2022 – In the following, we will provide an easy guide on how to transfer Telkomsel data packages of more than 1GB, which is rarely known by Tsel Indonesia card customers.

The activity of sending data to other people is rarely carried out by people in this millennial era. The reason is, there are various choices of cheap internet packages provided by various providers, including Telkomsel.

However, when in a condition where it is difficult to find an internet quota counter or seller. Telkomsel data package transfer activities seem to be the best alternative to get quota quickly and without hassle.

Well, below we will share information about how to send Telkomsel internet packages more than 1GB. Of course, with the hope that the person can get a fast quota of more than one gigabyte.

How to Transfer Telkomsel Data Packages More Than 1 GB

We quote from the official Tsel, here is a guide on sending Telkomsel data packages to other numbers easily and without hassle. For the steps, please check below.

  • Open your Android phone or iPhone, then enter the phone application.
  • Next, please type the dial code *500#
  • After entering the options menu, please select the ‘Transfer quota’ option.
  • If you have clicked ‘Submit’.
  • Enter the destination number and the nominal amount of the quota you want to share. For example 100, 200, -500
  • Finally, click 1 to confirm the delivery of the 500 data package.

Why is it 500 MB min, it says 1GB and can be more?

OK, let me explain. Because Tsel only limits users to a maximum of 500 MB. Then you can transfer Telkomsel quota several times until it reaches the desired amount.

Telkomsel card customers, whether it’s AS, Loop, SIMpati, or Halo cards can transfer data packages to other users up to 6 times. We can say the maximum amount is 3GB.

In addition, there are several terms and conditions so that the quota transfer process can be carried out properly. And we have provided a detailed explanation below!

Terms and Conditions for Sending Telkomsel Internet Data Packages

  • The internet data sent is a regular quota that applies throughout Indonesia.
  • Quota sent has a minimum usage limit of 4 days.
  • The usage period for this transfer quota is 3 days, starting from the time the quota has been successfully sent.
  • The sender’s internet quota will be reduced according to the amount transferred.
  • The sender will be charged a tariff of Rp. 5,000,-\transaction. The deduction will be made via the sender’s credit.
  • Make sure the sender’s remaining balance is more than Rp. 1,000,-

This is the information that we can convey regarding this guide for transferring Telkomsel data packages of more than 1GB.

This trick only applies to fellow Telkomsel users, so it cannot be used for users of other providers.

Send internet data at least 3 times, so you can send data more than 1GB. And, make sure you need at least Rp. 16,000 credit to be able to transfer Telkomsel pulses of more than 1 GB.