How to Turn Off Automatic Updates on Galaxy Store

Galaxy Store is an application specifically for Samsung Galaxy series devices. Where in it there are lots of applications like in the Play Store, besides that there are also many other things that can be downloaded or purchased.

The products provided there include official Samsung applications, wallpapers, themes, writing styles, and so on. In addition, the download process in my opinion is also as fast as in the Play Store.

But in the Galaxy Store there is one feature that not many people like, namely the automatic update feature. Although by default this feature is active only when using WiFi, some people prefer to disable it for their own reasons.

Disabling Automatic Updates on Galaxy Store

The procedure is almost the same as in the Play Store, so if you have done it before on the Play Store, it will be very easy to follow the steps I will give. Please read and follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Galaxy Store app.

  2. Tap the button Menu (three stripes) on the top left.

  3. Then tap the icon Arrangement (gears).

  4. After that set the options Auto Update Apps as Never.

  5. Done, the automatic update feature has been successfully disabled.

From now on you will no longer see update notifications from the Galaxy Store that run suddenly. So if you want to update or just check for updates to an application, please do it manually via the Galaxy Store.

Updating Apps Manually on Galaxy Store

Julybe you are still wondering about manually updating apps if the automatic update feature is turned off. It’s actually very easy.

Just open the Galaxy Store app, then tap the Menu button (triple strip), then tap on the menu Update. A list of available apps will appear, just tap the icon next to the app to start updating it.

In my opinion, the download process on the Galaxy Store is as fast as on the Play Store. However, there is a difference in the installation process, where the Galaxy Store process is much faster without waiting a long time.

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In general, automatic updates on the Galaxy Store will run when the phone is in good condition idle or not in use, for example, such as the phone being charged or left to sleep, the update process will run in the background immediately.

But it will be detrimental if you are using MiFi as an internet connection, where the quota will certainly often be drained due to this automatic update. In addition, another negative thing is that too many updates can potentially drain the battery.

Hopefully useful and good luck