How to turn off HP OPPO A15

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again on Mimin’s blog, this time Mimin will discuss how to turn off the Oppo cellphone, which this time on the Oppo A15 cellphone.

How to turn off the Oppo A15 cellphone is actually quite easy, friend, for those who already understand, but there are also those who may still be confused about how to turn off the Oppo cellphone, especially on the Oppo A15 cellphone.

Julybe for those of you who don’t know, you can read Mimin’s article. Turning off your Oppo cellphone has two ways, friend, which we will discuss later in this article.

The first step if you want to turn off your Oppo A15 cellphone


Every cellphone has a power button, friend, usually located on the right or left, so how to turn it off yourself, press the physical power button for 3 seconds, then the power off menu will appear and the restart menu will appear.

So my friend, just select the power off section. Then the cellphone will automatically turn off, friend, and to turn it back on, just press and hold the power and then it will come back to life.

To turn it off, my friend can also use the restart menu where the cellphone will automatically turn off and will automatically turn on itself, just wait for it, the cellphone will automatically turn on if you select the restart menu, and without having to restart it.

It can be said that this method is quite easy to turn off the Oppo cellphone, for those of you who may not know, you can try the method above, friend.


Well, this is for friends who may experience a lang or a traffic jam on their cellphone, you can turn it off directly for your cellphone, friend. The way if your friend’s cellphone is experiencing a crash, you can immediately turn it off, yes, this method is quite simple too, friend.

Now to turn off directly on our cellphones when you’re running, you can press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Then it will automatically turn off.

And to turn it back on, just press the power button again. Then the cellphone will come back to life.


well this time we will discuss how to research the oppo A 15 hp. And here if we reset then everything will return to like new, friend, you can say back to the initial settings. now for the appearance of the cellphone itself it will be the same as the first time we bought a cellphone it’s bro.

Make sure before doing research on your cellphone, you must first copy the files that are important to you, because if you do the research, the data will be lost and the cellphone will be like the first time you bought your cellphone.

Here are the steps to restore the Oppo A15 to its initial settings.

1. Make sure your cellphone is turned off, friend.

2. Press the volume down + power button at the same time.

3.Select the language menu that appears on the screen and select English.

4.Selanjutny select the menu that says wipe data.

5. then tinghal select the data format, friend.

6. if you have finished the next step, just click on the tap menu or ok and tap reboot.

And the cellphone will automatically do research for a few minutes. And my friend just wait until the cellphone turns on automatically.

Okay, so the discussion on how to turn off the oppo a15 cellphone may be useful and thank you.

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