How to Turn Off Notifications from Play Store

Google Play Store sometimes displays a notification or notification suddenly. Not only about app updates, but also some other interesting things that the Play Store has to offer.

Although the notification is intended to provide some kind of offer, some people find it quite annoying because it appears so often. And actually users are also given the freedom by the Play Store application to manage or control these notifications.

By controlling notifications, you will only get notifications which are desired just. So that other notifications will not appear again in the future. There are two ways to do this, and this article will explain how.

How to Disable Notifications on Play Store

The most effective way to disable it is through the Play Store settings itself. Because there has been prepared a page to control notifications, and you can choose which types of notifications you want to turn on or off.

  1. Open the Play Store.

  2. Tap option triple strip at the top left.

    Tap Three Dots Strip Options

  3. Then tap menu Settings.

    Tap Settings Menu

  4. Next to the menu Notifications.

    Go to Notification Menu

  5. Here you can choose which notifications you want to turn on or off.

    Turn Off Notifications from Play Store

You can also turn off all notifications if that’s what you want. But be aware that some notifications from the Play Store, sometimes still come in handy. For example reminder to update app. So please think twice about turning everything off.

Turn Off Play Store Notifications Via System App Settings

If the method above was through Settings from within the application. Whereas you can actually turn off all notifications from the application settings. And this method can also be applied to all applications, one of which is the Play Store.

The method is very easy, please open Arrangement > Application. After that tap on the Google Play Store app. Then go to the menu Notification and here you can control which notifications you want to turn off or even turn off all notifications.

Turning Off Play Store Notifications Through App Settings

Oh yes, some Android phones may not have the option to control the notification type, that’s probably because this option is available from Android Oreo to the top.

As for the Android version below, you can only turn off all notifications from the application, which in my opinion is less effective.

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So between the first or the second way, I definitely recommend the first one because it is more effective in disabling notifications. The second method is limited to the Android version on the phone, while the first method can be applied to all Android phones.

Hopefully useful and good luck