How to Turn Off SMS Notifications from Facebook

Facebook provides two methods for sending notifications to users. Among others is via SMS and Email. Both things can also be activated simultaneously, but some people prefer one of them so that notifications do not interfere with activities.

Notifications sent by Facebook include new comments, statuses, and so on. Before there were smartphones, SMS notifications were very important, because users could know them instantly realtime without having to open the Facebook application.

While on smartphones (Android & iOS) the use of SMS notifications is no longer useful, considering that the mobile phone can be directly synchronized with Facebook via the internet to get various types of notifications push in a timely manner.

Disabling SMS Notifications from Facebook

Not that it’s useless, but choosing one type of notification from SMS and Email will be better so that the phone doesn’t keep ringing repeatedly for one notification. And here’s how to disable it:

  1. Open the Facebook app.

  2. Tap the triple strip menu button.

  3. Scroll down and tap menu Settings & Privacy.

    Tap Menu Settings and Privacy

  4. And continue tap menu Arrangement.

    Go to Settings Bagian

  5. Scroll down and find the section Notificationsplease tap on the menu SMS.

    Tap the SMS menu

  6. Tap the button Edit next to Notifications.

    Start Disabling SMS Notifications on Facebook

  7. Next, uncheck the option Get SMS notifications.

    Turn off SMS Notifications on Facebook

  8. Done, SMS notifications have now been successfully disabled.

Now any notifications from Facebook will only be sent to the email address that has been linked to the account. If you have not added an email, it is highly recommended to add it first, because the use of an email address is very important, one of which is to protect your Facebook account.


SMS notifications are sometimes very annoying if they are present many times. For that, disabling it is the right thing. But maybe you should also rethink, because basically Facebook also provides the option to control notifications on Facebook.

So you can filter notifications what will be sent from SMS. This method has been described in an article entitled How to Control Notifications on Facebook Accounts. Julybe you’re interested in using it instead of disabling it entirely. Because for some reasons, SMS notifications are still required for important events on Facebook.

Hopefully useful and good luck