How to Turn Off the LED Light Indicator on Samsung

The LED indicator on some Samsung Galaxy phones is useful as a reminder of unread notifications. Usually the LED light will flash continuously until the user opens the phone and sees the notification.

Sometimes someone feels uncomfortable with the indicator light. That the indicator continuously flashing no stopping. And Samsung itself has provided an option to disable it.

The LED light indicator not only serves as a notification reminder, but also serves as a low battery reminder (red) or full (green) when charging. In addition, some applications also allow users to change the color of the indicator light at will.

Disabling LED Light Indicator on Samsung

Without further ado, here’s a quick way to turn off the LED indicator on Samsung phones:

  1. Please go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Notification.

    Tap Notification Menu

  3. Scroll down and turn it off in the section LED Indicator.

    Turning Off the LED Light Indicator on Samsung

The above method is applied to the One UI version 2.1, but there may be differences in the version above. Therefore, you can use the alternative method below to go to the LED light indicator setting if you don’t find it by the method above.

  • Settings > Display > LED Indicator

  • Settings > Sound and Notifications > LED Indicator

LED Indicator Replacement

Basically a Samsung Galaxy series phoneā€¯Note” and “SThe latest one no longer uses LED lights because it doesn’t have space on the front screen. So it was replaced with Edge Lightning as a reminder.

While Edge Lightning has actually been around for a long time and can also be activated simultaneously with an LED indicator. So if you want a reminder that’s cooler than the LED indicator, I suggest activating Edge Lightning.

To activate it is very easy, please go to the menu as follows:

Arrangement > Appearance > Edge Screen > Edge Lightning

There you can customize the settings of Edge Lightning, such as style, color, appearance time, and so on.

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The usefulness of the LED light indicator for some people is considered important as an easy reminder without the need to open the cellphone screen. While some think it’s quite annoying because it blinks continuously because their cellphone always has the latest notifications, for example chat or SMS messages.

There are two alternative ways above if you don’t find the LED Indicator option in the Notifications section. Because on the Note 10, the option is in the Display section. Most likely due to differences from the One UI version.

And also know that not many Android phones have LED light indicators. Even on the Samsung Galaxy series, there are only about 20 types of phones that support it. Likewise with the Edge Lightning feature which is only presented on Samsung phones that have curved screens.

Hopefully useful and good luck