How to Turn Off the Trash Feature in Samsung Gallery

In the Gallery on Samsung Android phones, there is a feature called Trash which is useful for storing deleted image or video types of files. By default this feature is enabled, and files stored there will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

The usefulness of this Trash feature is to help users to restore photos or videos if they are still needed again. For example, accidentally deleting a photo, then this feature is very useful.

The drawback in enabling it is that memory storage is reduced due to temporary use by junk files. If the junk file is large, then the storage on the phone will be drastically reduced. But users can also permanently delete files that are in the Trash to save storage.

Disabling Trash Feature in Samsung Gallery

If you feel that the Trash feature in Gallery is useless and only makes storage full, wouldn’t it be better to just disable it? And here’s how to do it.

  1. Open Gallery.

  2. Tap three dot option.

    Tap Three Dots Option in Gallery

  3. Select menu Arrangement.

    Select Settings Menu

  4. Scroll down, and disable in options Rubbish.

    Turning Off the Trash Feature in Samsung Gallery

  5. If a dialog appears, tap an option Turn off.

    Tap Power Off Option

After turning it off, now deleted photos or videos will be permanently deleted immediately. Alternatively, if you don’t want a photo to be lost due to accidental deletion, please enable photo sync on Google Photos or Samsung Cloud.

Using Google Photos or Samsung Cloud will not affect the memory storage, because the photos are stored on cloud servers, which is very safe and doesn’t get lost. But there is a memory limit for cloud storage, which is approx 15GB.

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Turning off the Trash feature in Gallery is more for someone who is running out of memory storage. Meanwhile, if the memory storage you have is large enough, it’s a good idea to keep it active.

The rest try to think again to disable the feature. Because users can still delete a file there independently, aka they don’t have to wait 30 days for it to be permanently deleted.

For now there is still no option to change the time of permanent deletion of files in the Gallery Trash. But one day maybe this feature will be available. So users can choose how many days files will be deleted automatically, and not limited to 30 days.

Hopefully useful and good luck