How to Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications (WA)

How to Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications (WA) – Hello, friends, WhatsApp is an application that is used to communicate remotely with other people. You can send messages to people who are far away very quickly. Even in seconds, your message has reached the recipient. Besides being used to send messages, in the WhatsApp application you can make phone calls, video calls, and join groups.

In the WhatsApp application, there are 2 types of conversations that you can do. Namely private conversations and group conversations. Private conversations are conversations between 2 people only. While a group conversation is a conversation carried out by many people (maximum 257 people) in a group that already contains members.

How to Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications (WA)

How to Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications (WA)

In the whatsapp account that you have, you must have joined the whatsapp group. For example, a class group, a youth group, a mabar group, or an office group. The number of groups you can join is unlimited. You can join multiple groups at once. However, when you join many groups, the messages you will receive are also very large.

As we all know, 1 WhatsApp group can accommodate approximately 257 members. If you join only 4 whatsapp groups, then the maximum number of people who can send messages is more than 100 people. Of course it will bother you if many people are sending messages at the same time.

A whatsapp group with a large number of members must have a lot of chat frequencies too. When a chat is sent in the whatsapp group, your cellphone will get a notification from the chat. If there are too many chats from the whatsapp group, then your cellphone will ring continuously. Of course it will interfere with your activities.

In response to this, WhatsApp finally provides a feature where users can choose to turn off chat notifications from WhatsApp groups. If the user turns off chat notifications, then all incoming chats in the WhatsApp group will not cause you to ring. Do you know how to turn off chat notifications from WhatsApp groups? If not, please follow the following tutorial:

1. First, please open the whatsapp application on your cellphone
2. After that, please you join the group you want to turn off the chat notification

How to Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications (WA)
Open whatsapp group

3. After that, please click the three dots in the upper right corner -> then select Mute notifications

How to Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications (WA)
Click mute notifications

4. Finally, please select the duration you want to turn off notifications. There are 3 durations that you can choose, namely:

Please choose duration according to your wishes. After that click OK

How to Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications (WA)
Select the duration then click OK

5. Congratulations, you have successfully turned off the WhatsApp group chat notification

Yeah, that’s roughly what it is how to turn off chat notification from whatsapp group. By turning off chat notifications from the WhatsApp group, you will not get notifications when there is an incoming chat in the group. Now, you are no longer bothered by notification sounds from WhatsApp group chats.

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