How to turn on the OPPO cellphone screen by tapping 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Mimin, now this time we will discuss this cellphone, friend. This time what we will discuss is how to turn on the Oppo cellphone with just a tap. For example, double-tap the screen, the Oppo cellphone will turn on.

Well maybe my friend for the first time is still confused about how to find a menu that uses a tap to turn on the screen on an Oppo cellphone.

Hp oppo is a smartphone that is famous in Indonesia and many users. The turning on with 2 taps is very important, friend, especially when we are making calls and also functions to replace broken or dead buttons, so this double tap feature is very important for you to activate.

Currently, almost all android phones have a double tap menu that will be able to turn on the home screen on our android phones, friend. Well, usually every smartphone has a different place and setting to activate this tap button, friend.

Well, this time the admin will discuss it only for Oppo cellphones, friend, and specifically for Oppo cellphone users. Now, when this feature is accurate, when we tap twice, the cellphone screen will immediately turn on, friend, without us having to press the on of button, friend.

Now this feature is actually quite easy to activate double tap on your Oppo phone, friend.


One of the advantages of activating the double-press button on the screen is that it can trigger or prevent the button from being damaged, friend, now in the button section we often press it, of course, with this double tap, it can be said to minimize damage to the on off button, friend.


Besides that, turning on using a double tap is much easier than pressing the sob button, then it looks more sophisticated and elegant.

But this double tap is not automatic, friend, of course there are settings that we must activate if we want to activate this double press.

Here are the steps on how to activate the double tap on the Oppo phone.

1. Open your Oppo phone, friend, then click on the settings section.

2.Then select the menu section “home screen and lock screen”

Like the example in the picture below, insob

After that, select the double tap menu on the Oppo phone, as an example of the image below, friend.

Select in the menu section “double tap to turn screen on” and Then you can swipe right to activate the feature.

Then my friend can exit the settings and try to turn off the cellphone screen. Then, my friend, try to double-tap. Then the cellphone screen will automatically turn on, friend.

Well, it’s easy, isn’t it easy to activate tap on the Oppo cellphone, you can say double tap, friend.

Well, if you use an Oppo A3S cellphone, the steps are slightly different, friend, for the method, you can follow the steps below, friend.

1. Open your oppo.a3s cellphone, friend.

2. Then access the main menu and choose settings or settings buddy.

3.In the settings menu, you will see a sub menu option “tap on the GESTURE and MOTION section.

4. Then select the menu “SCREEN OFF GESTURE” there, my friend will turn the screen off with a tap of a finger, friend.

After that, my friend, just try to tap on the cellphone screen, friend, it will immediately turn on

Those are some easy steps for friends who want to activate double tap on your Oppo phone, friend. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to read the other articles here, friend.