How to Unlock Random Mac on Android Phone

There is another new feature in Android, namely Random Mac (Randomize Mac) which is useful for device privacy against public networks. This feature can be enjoyed starting from Android 10 and above.

This feature is almost the same as the one in Windows 10. So by enabling it, your device will connect as a device that is not recognized by the router. So the router will never know what type of device is currently connected.

On the other hand, by activating Random Mac, you can also get other benefits. To be sure, Android users now no need tools or any other application to make changes to the Mac Address on the phone, and can use this feature.

What is a Random Mac and How Can It Be Used?

Each device has a different Mac Address that is useful as a network identity to connect to WiFi. And the router owner of course can know which Mac address is currently connected.

Meanwhile Mac Random is a feature to make Mac address different than before. Every time it connects to a WiFi network, the device creates a new Mac address. So the router will not detect if the device has been connected before.

So for example there is a router that filters the original Mac address on your phone so that it cannot connect, with the help of this feature, your phone will be released from that filter.

How to Enable Random Mac Feature

Before following the procedure, make sure that your cellphone is currently using Android version 10 or above. To check the Android version, please go to the About Phone menu in Settings.

Here are the steps to enable Random Mac on Android:

  1. Please go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Connection.

    Tap Connection Menu

  3. And tap menu Wi-Fi.

    Go to the Wi-Fi Menu

  4. Turn on WiFi and select a WiFi name to connect to.

    Choose One WiFi Name

  5. Tap option MAC Address Type.

    Tap Mac Address Type Options

  6. And choose Random Mac.

    Unlock Random Mac on Android

  7. Continue to fill in the WiFi password and connect.

After connecting, now the Mac address on your phone will change and no longer use the original one. For some phones, users can see the current Mac address, but some don’t provide it.

The only surefire way to find out if it works or not is to use the help of an app like WiFi Scanner. Usually there will be provided complete information on the connected device. For example IPMac Address, and also Vendor cell phone. Please match it with the original Mac address.

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The Random Mac feature is meant to protect the privacy of the phone from being recognized by the router. This is like using a VPN to connect to the internet. And you are still implementing the feature on Public WiFi networks.

But if you use privately owned WiFi, it doesn’t seem necessary to activate this feature. Unless the network is shared for business, such as a shop, or so on, you may need to activate it.

And if you have any other questions regarding Random Mac, feel free to comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck