How to update the latest facebook

As long as you are friends, see you again with Mimin, now this time Mimin will discuss how to update the latest Facebook 2022.

Each application has an update for the application, namely by updating the application to make it easier to use and improve the system in the application.

How to update facebook itself is very easy, not much different from other applications, such as whatsapp, tiktok etc. Well maybe for those of you who want to improve the Facebook application system with the latest version update, you can do it in two ways, the manual version or the automatic version.

With the manual version, you can just go to the play store, then type in the keyword, namely facebook, then in the search menu a facebook will appear, we just have to choose which facebook we will update for the version. is it fb lite or fb mobile. Then my friend can type in the «update» menu section it will automatically reinstall and will make your fv become the latest fb or with the latest version.

As for the automatic method, you can also activate this feature, the same way we enter the play store and then click on the line in the upper right corner, if you want automatic updates then just click the automatic application update menu column. activate it then we no longer need to open the play store because it will be automatically updated if there is a newer version.

In addition to the method above, you can also update via the Facebook application itself, friend, the way is to open your Facebook then click on the three lines on the right, then select the Update Facebook menu section, then my friend clicks on the menu, it will automatically be redirected. again to the play store and can be updated for facebook.

How to update Facebook can be done in a number of ways above, all can follow the method above, so that Facebook becomes fb with the latest version.

Now the advantage when we have updated the application, usually the application will feel lighter and faster to open the application, friend. So for those of you who haven’t updated, please update for the application and for the method as Mimin mentioned above, friend.

How to see our activity log on facebook

The activity log is our activity data on Facebook, if you want to try to see our activity data on Facebook, please follow some of the steps below, friend.

Open your facebook, then click on the three lines in the upper right corner, select in the settings menu, then you just have to look for the activity log menu, now you can see our activities while on facebook.

The activity log can also be deleted, my friend, the way is to click on the activity log menu, then there will be a lot of data that we do on fb, now there, my friend, just click delete to delete our activity.

Thus the discussion on how to update the latest Facebook 2022, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.