How to Update Winrar on Windows PC

Winrar is an application on a computer that serves to manage file archives easily. Users can create archive files in ZIP and RAR formats, or extract an archive to the desired directory.

But did you know that Winrar has one drawback? Namely does not have a feature to check for updates. So users have to check and install it manually. And you also have to know, if Winrar ever had a big problem, which made the computer enter it virus you know.

The last time Winrar had a loophole that could expose a computer to ransomware of the type “JNEC.a“, however the loophole has been updated in the latest version. Therefore, it is very important for you to update Winrar to keep the computer safe.

Tutorial on Updating Winrar on a Computer or Laptop

Still a question, this very popular application does not have a feature to update automatically. So users can only do it manually. And even though it feels tedious, it’s actually really fast.

Follow the few steps below to start manually updating Winrar:

1. Uninstall Winrar

Why should I uninstall it first? This is so that the security obtained is guaranteed, so this old version of Winrar will be completely erased on the computer before being replaced with the latest.

To delete it can be through the following menu: Windows Settings > Apps > Winrar > Uninstall.

Or alternatively you can also do it via Control Panel > Uninstall a Program and then choose Winrar.

2. Download and Install the Latest Version of Winrar

Please CLICK HERE to visit the Winrar website, after that in the Latestplease select the type of computer system you are using, between 32-bit or 64-bit.

If it has been downloaded, please double click on the file and do the installation process. It won’t take long, probably just a few seconds.

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3. Check Version

To further confirm whether you have used the Winrar application above version 5.6, please go to the options Help > About Winrar. There you can find out which version of Winrar is used now.

Updating Winrar on Computer or Laptop

Now you have successfully updated Winrar manually. For other applications, some are the same, for example 7-zip. And I myself still don’t know for sure why this kind of program doesn’t have the latest version check feature in it, but hopefully in the future this feature will be available to make it easier for users.

Hopefully useful and good luck