How to Upgrade Zepeto to Premium – Have you ever wanted to upgrade your Zepeto account to the premium version? But don’t know how to do it? Stay cool! because in this article we will provide a complete explanation.

To upgrade a Zepeto account to premium, it’s actually not that hard to do. In addition, players get various benefits of using a paid account. You will also be prioritized in several ways.

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to the procedure for upgrading premium on Zepeto. But before that, you need to know the advantages that you will get when using this account.

Advantages of Zepeto Upgrade to Premium

There are several advantages after youupgrade your Zepeto account to the premium version. Because, as you know, the paid version will get more facilities than the free version. For more details, please see the details below.

  • Get 70 Gems at a cost of 60 gems.
  • Benefits of getting monthly premium items
  • Enjoy priority review for content creators

Those are some of the benefits that you will get when you upgrade your Zepeto account to premium. So, there are a lot of advantages that players will get when making this change.

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How to Upgrade Zepeto Account to Premium

Here are the steps for upgrading a Zepeto account. Please pay close attention so as not to be wrong in running.

  • First, please open your Zepeto app account.
  • Then, enter the Zepeto Profile Menu.
  • In the profile menu then enter the Settings menu.
  • Well, in the settings menu, please click the “Learn more about premium” option.
  • At this stage you will be shown information about the benefits of using a Zepeto premium account.
  • Scroll down until you find the “Join premium” option.
  • Click that option if you want to continue.

Notes: Zepeto premium account fee is 50,000 per month.

  • After you click, an advanced method of upgrading this zepeto premium will appear. By utilizing Google Play as the medium.
  • Click subscribe to continue.
  • Before clicking subscribe, make sure your number embedded in the Google account has been verified correctly. If not, please link your number on Zepeto and Google Play.
  • When the subscription click has run, you will also be sent a verification message for the premium account payment process. So, make sure that the number is active and can be used when the code verification process is running.
  • Done

Step by step upgrading the Zepeto application to premium has been successfully carried out. Now users just need to check Zepetomo’s profile. Julybe something will change whether it’s in terms of zem or gems, coins, and so on.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the activity of upgrading this zepeto account to premium. Only by spending 50 thousand customers will enjoy various kinds of VIP services in this app.

The cost which we think is quite cheap, even for school children. Because, only by saving approximately 2,000 days, you can get a premium account at Zepeto. That’s it and good luck.