How to upload a Facebook fanpage video without copyright

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in this article, Mimin will discuss how to upload videos to the fanspage without copying.

How to reupload a fanpage video without copyright, of course, for those of you who want to have a fanpage without the hassle, only reuploading capital can monetize fansapge videos.

In addition to youtube, tiktok, twitter, facebook also has a monetization feature where Facebook users can make money on facebook by becoming a video creator or gaming creator and many more that we can get to make money on facebook fanspage.

Currently, many YouTube creators are also starting to explore the Facebook fanpage because on Facebook fanspages they can make extra money just by making their own videos or reuploading videos. pay on facebook fanspage.

For how to create a facebook fan app or facebook page, you can use facebook mobile or facebook lite, tap on the line icon at the top right, then you can tap on the menu section of the page and create a new page, please create a title then you can choose various menus for creators or for the business version. To enter the Facebook studio creator, the method is very easy for those of you who might want to edit the keywords in your video. To edit your own thumbnail, you must go to the Facebook fanspage studio creator so you can change the thumbnail you want.

To change your own thumbnail, you can enter the Facebook creator studio section and select on the homepage menu, tap on the video section and select edit post, then there is a change album menu. You can enter a thumbnail of the money you have prepared so that Facebook users will know about the contents of the fanspage video. our.

For how to edit a fanspage video so that it doesn’t get copyrighted or copyrighted, the method is very easy, first make sure you use the audio that has been prepared on the fanspage, to get copyright-free audio you can go to the creators section of the Facebook studio and select it in the creative features menu. Then you can get copyright free audio.

And after that you can edit your video via Kinemaster, you can change the effects in your video and the sound of the video, so that your reuploaded video is not subject to copyright or copyright when reuploading on the Facebook fanspage.

That’s the discussion on how to upload a Facebook fanpage video without copyright. Hopefully it’s useful and thank you.