How to Use Alight Motion XML Presets Easily – Some AM application users may still be confused about the procedure for using the alight motion xml preset which we think is a bit difficult for beginners.

Alight Motion itself is a video editing application that is now popularly used by content creators short videos on the TikTok app, YouTube, or on any other video platform.

The popularity of this AM application makes developers add a feature that can save edited settings installed via XML format, which people often refer to as Presets.

Well, below we will explain a tutorial on how to use the alight motion xml preset easily and quickly. So, users of this application can use it without the need to rely on YouTube videos or other guides.

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Alight Motion Preset XML

Presets is an arrangement that can be imported into an application. This method has actually been applied to editing applications on Android for a long time device iOS though.

There are many formats in a preset. However, only the Alight Motion application uses the .xml format and barcodes as an alternative to get this preset.

Please note, a preset can only be used by AM applications with the same version. For example, a preset was created using Alight Motion v 3.0. Then the preset can only be used on that version.

Therefore, before using this alight motion xml preset. You need to know the version used by the creator of the preset, and how to use it.

How to Use Alight Motion XML Presets

To use the alight motion xml preset, it can actually be said to be easy and hassle-free. The reason is, you only need to take a few steps to be able to apply it. And here’s how to use the alight motion xml 2022 preset that you can do yourself:

  • Make sure you already have a preset with xml format.
  • If so, just open the Alight Motiomu apk.
  • Then, open the xml file storage that you already had.
  • And look for the alight motion xml format preset file.
  • Long tap, then tap the share option.
  • Next, share it to the Alight Motion app.
  • Wait for the xml preset to open.
  • Please open a new project to start video editing via this AM app.

By reading and understanding the steps above, you will be able to successfully use this alight motion xml format preset. Also Read: Alight Motion QR Code Collection

By the way, the method above only applies to Android HP users. For iPhone device users, maybe in the next article we will discuss it clearly.

That’s the information that we can convey regarding how to use the latest 2022 alight motion xml presets. Don’t make a rare mistake in using the presets that you have worked so hard to collect. Thank you and hopefully useful.