How to Use Anydesk Remote Desktop

There are so many programs that you can use to remotely access your computer, and Anydesk is one of them. The performance of the program is almost the same as Teamviewer, but of course there are advantages of both.

In my opinion, Anydesk is a remote desktop that is really easy to operate. In addition, the programs provided are also very light. There is only one drawback, namely the process of connecting to the server which sometimes takes a little longer.

Currently Anydesk supports a wide range of operating systems. Be it on Windows, Linux, Mac, or on Android. They all have the same way of operating the program. And this article will explain how to use it.

Tutorial on Using Anydesk Remote Desktop

All you need to set up are two computers. The one (A) as the host, and another (B) as a client. So later computer A will be accessed from computer B remotely.

  1. Please download and install Anydesk on your computer A and B.

  2. Please open Anydesk on the computer A and note ID which appears.

  3. Now open Anydesk on the computer B. And enter ID noted earlier in the Remote Desk column.

    Entering Anydesk ID

  4. Then click the button Connect.

  5. After that the device confirmation dialog will enter on the computer Aplease click the button Accept to give access.

    Click the Accept button

  6. Done, now the computer A can be accessed remotely from a computer B.

So easy right? Overall you only need to record the ID and then enter it on the client computer to be able to connect it. Every time there is another computer that wants to connect, a confirmation dialog will appear on the host computer.

Setting Password on Anydesk

You can also set a password on Anydesk so you don’t need to confirm every time a client device wants to connect. The method is very easy, just open the Anydesk program, then click on the menu Set password for unattended access.

Click the Set Password menu

After that activate the option Enable unattended access and click the button Set password for unattended access to set the password.

Setting Password

After setting it up, you can now connect to the host computer without needing any more permissions. Alias ​​only enter the password that has been set.

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Solution Appears Notification “Anydesk Not Connect”

The notification that appears does not mean that the host computer cannot be accessed, but that your device (as a client) has not been connected to the Anydesk server. So please wait a while until the device is connected.

To find out whether it is connected or not is very easy, just wait yellow sign in the upper left corner becomes green color. After that try to reconnect to the host computer, surely now the notification will no longer appear.

Anydesk Connect to Server


Basically, the use of Anydesk is very similar to Teamviewer, while the features are still not as many as in Teamviewer. But that doesn’t matter because this program can be enjoyed for free and of course no ads though.

Many settings you can apply, such as disabling sound output, admin access, and several other things. Please set it as needed.

Hopefully useful and good luck