How to Use Dark Theme on WhatsApp

With the dark theme, chatting on WhatsApp will no longer be dazzling. The feature was previously available in the beta version of WhatsApp and was finally released around July 2022.

When activating the dark theme, all the colors in WhatsApp will change except the wallpaper set in the chat. And maybe you need to replace the wallpaper with a darker color to make it match.

To start enjoying the dark theme, first make sure that the WhatsApp application you are using is new version. To find out, please check for updates on the Play Store or the Apps Store. And please refer to the procedure below to start using the dark theme.

How to Enable Dark Theme on WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp.

  2. Tap the three-dot option in the upper right corner.

    Tap the Three Dots Option in WhatsApp

  3. And choose Settings.

    Select Settings

  4. Next tap menu Chat.

    Tap Chat Menu

  5. Then tap menu Theme.

    Tap Theme Menu

  6. Select as Dark and then press OKAY.

    Using Dark Theme on WhatsApp

  7. Congratulations, dark theme has been activated successfully.

From now on WhatsApp’s display will be dark, and it will certainly be pleasing to the eye when light conditions are very low, for example when chatting at night. To change it to light mode the steps are still the same as above.

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Solving Theme Options Not Appearing on WhatsApp

If you are using an old version of the WhatsApp application, then most likely the Theme option will not appear, so that there is only the Wallpaper option. To get the latest version, please head to the Play Store or Apps Store and then update the WhatsApp application.

This incident can also be experienced by Android users who use the WhatsApp application outside the Play Store (for example the WhatsApp application that has been modified). So that you will not get application updates from the official. Solution for this please reinstall WhatsApp application, and this time install it through the Play Store.

The dark theme on WhatsApp is almost the same as in Telegram. But the difference in Telegram is that it can change the color again, while on WhatsApp it doesn’t provide a feature to change the color. But hopefully one day they will improve the features of this theme so that users can choose colors like in Telegram or in Messenger.

Hopefully useful and good luck