How to Use DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox

DNS Over HTTPS (DoH) has a function to maintain user privacy when browsing the internet by encrypting the network of the domain being visited. This is different from a VPN, where the IP address you use will remain and do not change.

Basically, even in Windows 10, DNS Over HTTPS can already be applied, it’s just that for now users have to activate it manually via registry. While the easiest way to use DoH is through a browser.

Popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera already have a feature to use DNS Over HTTPS. By default this feature not active right awaybut you can enable it and set the DNS as expected.

How to Enable DNS Over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox

As per the title above, this tutorial will explain how to activate DoH specifically for the Firefox browser. Please immediately refer to the following steps:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Click the Triple Strip menu button in the upper right corner.

  3. Continue click Arrangement.

    Click Settings

  4. Then scroll down to the section Network Settings.

  5. Click button Setelan.

    Click the Settings Button

  6. Next, put a checklist on the options Enable DNS Over HTTPS.

    Using DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox

  7. In column Provider, you can choose the desired DNS service. If you want to set it yourself, please select Special.

    Enabling DNS Over HTTPS on Mozilla Firefox

  8. The last stage, please click the button Oke.

To make Firefox DoH fully functional, I suggest restarting the browser and then trying to access a website again. if there are no problems when accessing a website, it means that you have successfully activated DoH in Firefox.

Meanwhile, if the website cannot be accessed, it means that you are having problems setting up DoH. Please double-check the DNS service you chose. Make sure it’s set up correctly, or please try using Cloudflare first to make sure it works.

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Not only computers that can activate DNS Over HTTPS, even most Androids currently have this feature. In Firefox browser by default the DNS service is set to Cloudflarebut you are also free to set it manually.

And in addition, DNS Over HTTPS can also be used for: unblock internet access you know. So if a website has been blocked by the ISP you are using, then using this method, of course, the site can be opened without any problems.

Hopefully useful and good luck