How to Use Dual Messenger Feature on Samsung

Dual Messenger is a feature provided on Samsung phones to open dual chat accounts against supported apps. This feature is similar to using the app Parallel Spaceit’s just limited to certain applications.

With the help of Dual Messenger, you can manage two accounts at once on one phone. It is suitable for someone who has several accounts, for example one is for personal use, and the other is used for business.

This feature is now available in the Samsung One UI version 1.0. And the way it works is that the user will be asked to re-install the application that you want to duplicate, later there will be a difference from icon between the original application and the duplicated one.

How to Use Dual Messenger on Samsung

Remember, this feature only works on certain apps. So not all chat applications can be duplicated. But popular chat apps like Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Later supported applications will be displayed on the screen.

Here are the steps to use the Dual Messenger feature on Samsung phones:

  1. Please go to Arrangement.

  2. Tap on menu Advanced Features.

  3. Then scroll down and tap menu Dual Messenger.

    Go to Dual Messenger

  4. Then select the application you want to duplicate.

    Selecting the Apps to Copy

  5. Then a dialog will appear on the screen, please tap the button Instal.

    Install Apps on Dual Messenger

  6. A dialog will appear again to confirm, please tap the button Konfirm.

    Confirm App Installation

  7. Wait for the installation process to complete, and the application is successfully duplicated.

    Using the Dual Messenger Feature on Samsung

The copy application will appear with a slightly different icon, so you are not confused when you want to switch from the original application and the copy. And to delete it can also be done through the Dual Messenger Settings earlier, which is enough to not activate the desired application. Later a dialog will appear to uninstall it.

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About Separate Contact List

In Dual Messenger there is also an option to enable a separate contact list. This option is more aimed at applications that detect numbers as account IDs, for example WhatsApp.

So by activating the option, regular contacts on the phone will be separated and from the copy application will not be able to see it. This is quite useful so that you don’t send the wrong conversation if you use a copy application.

Hopefully useful and good luck