How to Use OctaFX Calculator – Free 95 – When Someone is trading many use OctaFX calculator. Actually, what is OctaFX calculator and how to use it.

Well, to find out, in this article we will provide a brief explanation of the OctaFX Calculator. So, please read carefully so that you understand this.

What is OctaFX?

OctaFX are CFDs (Contract for Difference) or a forex broker that has grown rapidly in the trading world. Users can start trading using applications on the Play Store and App Store

Meanwhile, OctaFX calculator is an automatic calculation tool offered by OctaFX forex trading party. Through this calculator, it is easier for traders to calculate trading results from various variables.

OctaFX Calculator Functions

There are several functions provided by OctaFX calculator. Such as size, loss, pip, and others. Here are some OctaFX uses that you need to know about, including:

  1. Trading Sizes: The lot or the number of currency units that you buy or sell.
  2. Stop Loss: The term for limits to limit the losses that traders will experience when buying or selling shares.
  3. Ideal Take Profit: The act of taking profits by traders for rising stock prices.
  4. Pip Value (Price Interest Point): Value in the form of a unit that serves to measure changes in the exchange rate between two currencies when trading.
  5. Forex Trading Margins: Deposits that are kept by traders as a trading medium for collateral when starting transactions.
  6. Trading Fees: The fees that a trader needs to pay for a trade or broker.

How to Use OctaFX Calculator

After knowing the functions or benefits of OctaFX, as a trader knowing the OctaFX calculator may be very important. And here’s how to use OctaFX 2022 calculator

  • First, open the site can be via HP or PC.
  • Then, select the Analysis & Education option.
  • Well, on Trading Instruments. Please select ‘Trading Calculator’. (as a step to find out the required margin and pip value)
  • You will be given the OctaFX MT5 and OctaFX MT4 menu display. Select the menu according to the type of trade the trader has.
  • In the ‘Trading Calculator’, please select the Symbol which is the value of the trader’s trading currency.
  • Select Leverage as desired, then select Volume, the lot that traders want to sell or buy. Finally select ‘Account Currency’.
  • Don’t forget to press calculate to start using this OctaFX calculator. Automatically margin, pip value and trading fees will appear according to the calculations that traders enter.

This is the information that we can convey regarding how to use the OctaFX calculator for trading. We hope that by reading the article above you will understand a little more about trading. Thank you and hopefully useful.