How to Use Samsung Dex on a Computer or Laptop

Samsung Dex is a feature that is only provided for certain types of Samsung phones. Not all mobile phones can enjoy these features, but some types in the medium class can already enjoy it.

Dex which means Desktop Experienceallows users to access all the contents of the phone on a computer like an emulator, so that managing everything can be done better with a wide screen.

Precisely the ability of Samsung Dex is better than the emulator. What’s more, the device will be detected as a real phone, so no other application will assume that you are using an emulator on a computer or laptop.

Tutorial Using Samsung Dex

Before following the procedure, it is highly recommended first to make sure that the Samsung phone you are using supports this Dex feature. And to find out, it can usually be found in the specifications section of the dosbook or you can check it online.

If your phone supports it, please follow the steps from here.

Installing Samsung Dex Program on Computer or Laptop

First download the program via the website. The size is only approx 100MB just. Then install and wait for the process to finish.

If the installation process is complete, please open the Samsung Dex program to prepare for the next step.

Connecting Phone to Samsung Dex

Since Samsung One UI was updated to version 2.0, connecting to Samsung Dex can be easily done via a USB cable only. Here are the easy steps to connect it:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer/laptop with a USB cable.

  2. Next a dialog will appear on the phone, please tap From now on.

  3. Wait a few seconds and the phone screen will appear on the computer.

    Using Samsung Dex on a Computer or Laptop

There are times when the dialog does not appear on the phone, it is due to two things. The first is that the USB setting is not set as File Transfer, for that please make sure again. And the second is caused by not opening the Samsung Dex program.

Enable Transferring Files in Samsung USB Settings

So make sure the Samsung Dex program on the PC is opened first before connecting the USB cable to the phone. That way the phone will be detected later and a dialog to start Samsung Dex will appear.

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Using Samsung Dex is almost no different from using an emulator, where users can open several applications at one time. This is the same as you are using a computer, only based on Android.

And as a suggestion, set the screen resolution as Full HD or above to give the best experience when using it on a computer. If opening multiple apps at the same time feels a bit slow, try to turn off power saving mode so that CPU on the phone works optimally and minimizes the occurrence lag or slow.

One more thing before ending this article. So when I use Samsung Dex, the lock screen wallpaper on the phone changes back to default. Julybe you will feel the same way. And that’s not a problem, because later it can be set again to the previous wallpaper.

Hopefully useful and good luck