How to Use the Ampere App on Android – Ampere app is software which can calculate power output amperage on an android phone. The function of this application is quite simple, which is to measure how much voltage enters the mobile device.

Because, not everyone knows how to wear it. This time we will share how to use the Ampere application. For more information, please read the text below to the end.

How to Use the Ampere App

There are several steps that need to be done to use the ampere apk on Android. Are as follows:

1. Download and Install the Ampere Application

The first thing you need to do is have this application first. Since this application is free and available on the Play Store, please directly visit the Google Play application and type “Ampere” to find the application you want.

Download and install the application until the ampere apk is actually installed on your android. If so, please continue to the next process.

2. Open the Ampere Application

After successfully getting the Ampere Application, open the software. Then, you will be shown information device-your.

The information in question is the brand of the cellphone, the number of mAh of the battery, the total input and output, and so on.

3. Connecting the Charger to the HP

Then, you need to connect the charger to the cellphone to start the process of using the Ampere application.

After successfully connected, please open the Ampere application. We will be shown a red to green color change on the screen on your android phone.

Calculating Watts, Amperes, and Volts

As we explained above, the function of the amperage application is to find out how much voltage goes into the cellphone.

Users can calculate watts and volts via the power voltage delivered by the charger to your android device via the Ampere application.

As an example of calculating amperage, we use the formula Watts = Volts x Ampere. You can find the numbers directly in the Ampere application.

For example, in the application it says 5V and 2A. Then you just have to count it. 5 (Volts) x 2 (Amperes) = 10 (Watts). Remember! the formula is W = V x A yes!

That’s the information we can convey related to how to use the Ampere application on Android. Now you just have to practice it so you can calculate how much voltage goes into your cellphone. That’s all and good luck