How to View a Lost Copy on the Clipboard – Not infrequently we find someone forgetting the history of the previous copy-paste results. so that it appears the intention to see a copy on the clipboard that was lost earlier.

The activity of copying copying files seems to have been done by people. Especially for people who are in the field of educational document files or the work they are doing.

Because of the frequent copying of files, sometimes someone forgets what he has copied before, because of the many copies of files that have piled up and overwrite other files.

But don’t worry, now all the data from the previous copy-paste file can be saved automatically on your Android device or computer via the clipboard feature. So, for people who have lost a copy of the file, they can find it easily.

What is Clipboard?

Before looking for information on how to view a lost or deleted copy of the clipboard, you need to know what the Clipboard is first. The clipboard or clipboard is a temporary storage area for storing data from copies or pieces of text.

When someone is doing a cut or copy activity, the writing or text will be automatically saved to this clipboard. Not only that, the clipboard can also provide a row of text that has been copied or cut before. This means that all text that has been previously copied can be saved through this feature.

Some devices such as HP or computers have provided this feature. But, there are still many who don’t know how to view this copy paste history. Here is the complete guide.

How to View a Copy of Text on an Android Phone

To view the copy paste history on Android whether it’s Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, or iOS or iPhone based cellphones. You can follow the following steps.

  • Make sure that we’ve copied the text before.
  • Please open the application that can bring up the keyboard on the cellphone, it’s free!
  • Bring up the HP keyboard, then select the Clipboard / Clipboard menu.
  • Well, on the ‘Recent’ menu we will find a variety of posts that have been copied. That way you’ve managed to see a copy of the text that has been deleted or lost via the Clipboard.

Notes: on some devices, this Clipboard feature can be active if we activate it first. If not, then all files that have been copied and pasted before, will not be saved.

To make it easier for you to find this feature, please download the clipboard application which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or App Store.

How to Know Copy Paste History on Computer

After knowing how to view copies of lost or deleted data history via HP devices, now we turn to laptops or computers. The method:

  • First, please open the Microsoft Store.
  • Next, download the Ditto Clipboard application. You can go through the Microsoft Store.
  • Then, try copying and pasting the text on the internet.
  • Finally, please open the Ditto Clipboard application on the taskbar. See if the copy-pasted file was there or not.

Thus information on how to view lost or deleted copies on the clipboard, please use the guide to customize the device you are using. so and hopefully useful.