How to View All Coupons on Tokopedia

Every day there is always a coupon that can be used on Tokopedia. Allows you to continue to get cashback on items purchased everyday. In the past, you had to break the egg first to get it, but now the coupon will be automatically added to your account.

One Tokopedia coupon can be used for a single purchase. But did you know that every day the coupon can be obtained? this is what makes Tokopedia special. In addition, there are other coupons that hidden which can be used too.

All your coupons are stored in one place, so you can view them and use them later. Please refer to this article to find out all the coupons you have and also find out hidden coupons.

View All Coupons Owned on Tokopedia

  1. Please open the Tokopedia application.

  2. Go to menu Account.

  3. Next tap on options My Coupon.

    Tap My Coupon Options

  4. Now you can find out all the coupons you have.

    View All Tokopedia Coupons

So before buying something, it’s a good idea to check the coupons you have first. It’s better to get cashback than nothing. Each coupon available there also has its own time period, approximately 24 hours.

Knowing Hidden Coupons

There are dozens of coupons that are not displayed on the application, but you can get all of them on the Tokopedia website. The whole coupon changed code which you can write down at the time of purchase of goods.

Please head to Tokopedia Promo Page. There are lots of coupons for certain items. Such as purchasing electronic goods, top-ups, bills, travel, and so on.

Knowing Hidden Coupons on Tokopedia

Every promo has Terms and Conditions itself, and it can end at any time according to the time stated there. If you use the promo code available there and it is not suitable for the item you are using, it means that the promo code taken is wrong. So please choose the appropriate promo code for the item you want to buy.

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Tokopedia provides coupons every day to all users. In addition, there are special coupons in the form of promo codes that can be checked through the Tokopedia website.

And sometimes, Tokopedia sends special coupons via email, you know. So don’t miss it too, because usually the cashback you get is much bigger than usual.

Hopefully useful and good luck