How to View and Claim Bonuses from AXIS

For Axis card customers, they will certainly feel at home because of the bonuses provided by the operator. The bonus is intended for loyal or loyal customers to continue using the Axis card.

Of course, the longer your Axis card is active, the more abundant the bonuses will be. And most of it is a bonus in the form of quota. But to check it can only be done from the application.

The application in question is AXISNet. Without the application, you will not be able to view or claim the bonuses you have. For this reason, Axis card customers are very obliged to install AXISNet because sometimes there are bonuses that suddenly appear.

How to Claim AXIS Card Bonus

Make sure you have installed the AXISNet application. If not, please download it first on Play Store or Apps Store. And if these conditions are met, please follow the steps to check the bonus and how to claim it below.

  1. Open the AXISNet application.

  2. Please log in using the Axis number on the cell phone.

    Login Using Axis Number

  3. Tap tab Other.

    Tap More Tab

  4. Next tap menu View Prizes & Benefits.

    Select the Gift and Benefit Menu

  5. Now you can choose any bonus you want to take.

    View and Claim Bonuses from AXIS

There are several bonuses available for pick up, and they will reset every few months. So don’t forget to pick it up before it’s reset.

It also provides information on the exact date the bonus is reset. And when that happens, your AXIS card will be level up and of course will get more bonuses than before.

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Why AXIS Prizes Can’t Be Collected?

There are times when the bonus cannot be taken and an error message appears. This is normally caused by the Axis server being down. If this happens, you just have to wait a while and try again later.

But if you’ve been waiting for a few days, it’s still the same, it’s highly recommended to contact the Axis card support service. Can be via phone calls or from Twitter @ask_AXIS. They will help deal with it and also claim the prize for the number you use.

As long as the gift or bonus is still available for collection, you should get it in no time.

Hopefully useful and good luck