How to View ShopeePay 2022 Virtual Account – For those of you who use the Shopee application, maybe there are still people who don’t know what a ShopeePay VA number is. So I really want to see the Shopeepay Virtual Account.

Since on this occasion we are going to ge-discuss this shopeepay virtual account code. So please read this article to the end to find out more detailed information.

What is ShopeePay Virtual Account

ShopeePay Virtual Account is a code for payment in digital form. This digital version of the payment code can be in the form of a QRIS or a number to make transactions on the Shopee application.

In the Shopee application itself, the Virtual Account code is most often used in payments or transfer processes. This ShopeePay VA code has quite a variety of functions depending on the needs of its users.

Well, here is the function of the ShopeePay virtual account code that you need to know. Which is widely used by Shopee application users to make transfers and top ups.

Shopee Virtual Account Code Function

As we explained above, the function of this Shopee application’s Virtual Account Code is generally to do several things, including for digital payments, top-ups and transfers.

The presence of the ShopeePay VA number also makes it easier for Shopee application users to make various kinds of transactions through a unique code that can only be used once.

So, it’s not possible for users to use it repeatedly when making transactions. Because, the Virtual Account code in the Shopee application is only valid for one time use. Also Read: Why Shopee Account Signs Out Alone? This is the solution

How to View ShopeePay Virtual Account

Even though there are many Shopee users in various parts of Indonesia, there are still a lot of people who don’t know how to see their ShopeePay Virtual account code.

So, where is this Shopee user’s Virtual Account number, min? Is it the same as the number we linked in the Shopee application or not?

Actually, you can see the ShopeePay Virtual account code in the Shopeemu Application menu. And the number associated with the Shopeemu application is the virtual number of your own ShopeePay account.

The steps = Enter the Shopee Application >> Enter the ShopeePay Balance Fill menu >> click Fill Balance >> Then Bank Transfer >> Select one of the available banks (example: BCA) >> Confirm >> your virtual bank and ShopeePay account numbers will appear. (4 digit number in front is VA Bank number, while the next number is VA ShopeePaymu).

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the Virtual Account question, where is the shopeepay number located? Now you know the location of the Shopee application’s digital transaction code.

To find out the ShopeePay Virtual Account is actually not that hard to do. It’s just that for beginners who rarely open the Shopee application, it might be a bit difficult to find it.

Please use the method above to see how many digits your ShopeePay account virtual code is. So that there is no mistake in distinguishing the numbers in the Shopee application’s digital money feature. so and hopefully useful.