How to View the Entire Purchase List on Tokopedia

Did you know that all purchases on Tokopedia will be stored in account activity. So you can find out what products have been purchased on that account from the beginning until now. Not only products in the form of goods (physical), even digital products are the same.

Basically, Tokopedia only displays a list of purchases in the last 90 days. But you can see the whole thing, even if it happened years ago.

So all you need to do so you can see the whole thing is to take advantage of the features Filter which has been provided there. This feature can display any items that have been purchased in the time you specify.

Viewing All Purchase List History on Tokopedia

Tokopedia can display a list of purchases based on the type of goods. So it’s not all made on one list. For example, here I want to show you how to find out goods anything you’ve ever bought on Tokopedia. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Tokopedia application.

  2. Tap tab Account.

  3. Then in the Transaction Listselect menu Shopping.

    Choose Shopping Menu

  4. Next tap the button Filter in the below section.

    Tap Filter Button

  5. And tap on option Choose Your Own Date.

    View the entire Tokopedia Purchase List

  6. Then specify the date and tap the button Terapkan.

  7. Now all purchases will be shown on the list.

If you want to display a list of purchases for billing, please select menu Topup & Billing on the Transaction List. And don’t forget to set the filter as above so you can find out all transactions.

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The Filter feature in Tokopedia allows you to see all transactions from a predetermined date. Don’t get the date wrongstart” and “untilso that the purchase list can be seen by all.

Even if you find something strange about a transaction in his account. For example, if there is a product purchase activity that has never been done before, it can be reported to Tokopedia by displaying proof of the displayed transaction so that the completion process will be assisted.

If you have any questions regarding the steps above, it’s a good idea to comment so you can get help quickly.

Hopefully useful and good luck