How to whatsapp invisible online and typing 2022

Peace be upon you, online friends, see you again with us, this time we will discuss how to make WhatsApp invisible online and type 2022.

How to make WhatsApp not visible online and typing more in the search for WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is a chat application, send photos, videos that have many users.

WhatsApp itself has various interesting features in it. So many users use WhatsApp to chat with friends, friends and family.

Not only that, whatsapp can also send videos, voice messages and much more that we can do with this application, so don’t be surprised if this application has many users.

To make WhatsApp not visible online and typing, you can use WhatsApp GB or WhatsApp Mood.

Now for ordinary WhatsApp, it also has a feature to hide online status or active status, which is where we can’t be seen online when we use this WhatsApp.

To activate it, simply go to the settings section of your wa, and select it in the settings menu and then you usually disable this online status on your wa.

Now for this discussion, we will discuss how WhatsApp does not appear online and typing, now this may be the same as hiding active status or online status on your WhatsApp,

Actually, for ordinary WhatsApp, we can disable active status if we don’t want to be seen online and typing. Well, it’s different from WhatsApp Mod or GB WhatsApp.

In gbwhatsapp or whatsapp mood we can make whatsapp not visible online and typing can activate it in the gb whatsapp menu section.

Here are some ways or steps to make WhatsApp not visible online and typing.

First open your GB whatsapp or whatsapp mod.

Click in the settings menu or settings

Click on the account menu section and select the privacy menu, then click on the menu that was last seen, then the menu that was last seen, my friend, replaced it with a menu that didn’t exist”

Then automatically your whatsapp will not be seen online and typing when you use whatapp.

That’s the discussion on how to make WhatsApp not visible online and typing 2022, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.