How to Win Continuously in Hago Sheep Competition – Hago Sheep or Hago Goats is one of the games in the Hago application. This game has an easy to play and also interesting for us to play.

Some Hago apk users may have come across games that require a strategy to be able to fight other players in the Hago battle. Because, if a misstep and Hago’s sheep or goat escapes, then the life will be reduced and the player will lose the fight.

Well, below we will explain a little about the hago fighting game and how to win in this dexterity game. So, please read this article to the end to know the full details.

Hago Sheep Fight

This sheep fighting or battle between Hago goats is one of the games that is quite in demand by users of the Hago application. There are various characters including 2 sheep of different colors that are ready to be fought in the battle arena.

There are also several areas where the fighting sheep are installed, players can choose which place to use to make the location of the sheep able to quickly pass the opponent’s defense line.

Even though it looks trivial, many people fail to set a strategy to be able to win in this Hago fight. Therefore, below we will provide tricks and tips so that your fighting sheep win in every match. Check out the full explanation!

How to Win in the Hago Sheep Fight

Here’s how to play Hago’s fighting game to keep winning, so that players can get lots of points to be able to withdraw them into money into a digital money wallet or credit at Hago. Also Read: How to Withdraw Money at Hago Chicken Farm

  • First, please place the Hago sheep or goats in an empty location.
  • Gather as many sheep in the same path as possible.
  • You can see the type of character that your opponent will take out, before taking the sheep out, consider the weight and size of the enemy animal first.
  • If there is an empty path, players can place your Hago sheep there. Because it’s an opportunity that could possibly lead to a drain health enemy.
  • When one of the fighting sheep succeeds in pushing the enemy’s sheep, do additional sheep if the enemy adds it too. Don’t forget to look at the placement location, weight, and also the size of the opponent’s sheep.
  • Keep an eye on the movement of your sheep, especially the sheep that lose in the fight. Done

That’s an easy trick that we can convey from the game of sheep fighting in Hago to be able to win continuously. Please apply the strategy well and use the method we shared above to get more chances to win.

Basically, Hago fighting is a fairly simple game, because players only need to lead the sheep they use, whether it’s white or black, to the enemy line.

However, he can also lose if he only plays this game without any special strategy to be able to quickly or block the sheep or goats in Hago. Thank you and hopefully useful.