How to Withdraw Fizzo Balance, Update 2022 – Julybe a Fizzo application user who has already earned a lot of coins and has passed the withdrawal limit wants to immediately withdraw his balance. But constrained do not know how to do it.

Well, below we will try to provide an explanation related to how to withdraw cash from the Fizzo application balance. In addition, below we will also provide a little info about the withdrawal of this Fizzo balance.

So, please read the article that discusses in full about Fizzo 2022 cash withdrawals so you know the steps in exchanging cash balances for one of the money-making applications updated in 2022.

Fizzo’s Withdrawal Method

Before going to the topic of discussion, it would be nice for users of the Fizzo application to know what withdrawal methods are in this Fizzo novel reading application. So that, when you want to exchange your balance, the user knows where the money will be sent.

Until this article was written, there are 2 withdrawals that you can use if your Fizzo balance has exceeded the minimum withdrawal limit, namely: e-payment Funds and OVO. This digital money wallet is quite popular to be used in 2022.

Please choose one e-money above to process the Fizzo apk cash withdrawal. Make sure the digital money wallet you have is verified with an ID card to make withdrawals easier.

Fizzo . Cash Withdrawal Nominal List

Okay, now that we know what alternatives you can use to withdraw your balance, now we will also provide a list of nominal values ​​that you can exchange. Because, this application only provides a few nominal, including:

  • IDR 2,000
  • IDR 4,000
  • IDR 6,000
  • IDR 8,000
  • IDR 10,000

That’s the nominal list. You can withdraw money that has exceeded the minimum withdrawal using the options above. Rather easy indeed, because the withdrawal is very small.

So, let’s use this opportunity to get more coins which you can later exchange into a digital money wallet balance for the Dana or OVO application.

How to Withdraw the Fizzo App Balance

Well, after knowing the nominal and the withdrawal method that you can use. Now we come to this stage of this article, namely withdrawing the balance that has been painstakingly collected. How do I do it? Here’s a look at the guide.

  • First, please open the Fizzo apk
  • Within the Fizzo app, please go to the ‘browse’ option.
  • Next, please enter the ‘fizzo bonus’.
  • Then, click on the ‘View Coin Count’ option
  • Then click ‘Withdraw’.
  • There will be a nominal that you can withdraw, then select the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Don’t forget to select the exchange method you want to use (OVO or Dana)
  • Enter number e-payment you choose (OVO or Dana)
  • Then wait for the withdrawal process.

The waiting time for withdrawals varies greatly, some are immediate, wait a few days, and also wait 1×24. It depends on the Fizzo apk who makes it happen.

That’s the information that we can convey regarding how to withdraw the balance of the Fizzo update 2022 application. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you. Thank you and hopefully useful.