How to Withdraw Indodax Balance to OVO Wallet

Indodax is a trusted place to buy and sell Bitcoin in Indonesia. In fact, not only Bitcoin is traded, but altcoins are also widely available. Kind of Monero, Dash, Doge, and others.

Making a deposit at Indodax can be done quickly using virtual wallet kind of OVO. Meanwhile, the withdrawal process takes a maximum of 24 hours. And you can also withdraw it in the form of an OVO balance.

Having an OVO account is the same as having a Nobu Bank account. And all it takes is to add numbers 9 on before the account number. Later the account owner will appear according to the account name on OVO.

Withdraw Indodax Balance to OVO

Know beforehand that at least fee or withdrawal fees on Indodax below 1.5 million are very high, namely: 25 thousand rupiah. I explain this so that there are no misunderstandings about cost cutting in the withdrawal process.

And here’s how to withdraw from Indodax to OVO wallet:

  1. Login to Indodax Account.

  2. Click section Wallet and select currency IDR (rupiah).

    Click on Rupiah Wallet

  3. Click tab Withdraw Rupiah.

    Click the Rupiah Withdraw Tab

  4. In section Withdrawal Accountclick options New account. Later, an additional column will appear.

    Click New Account

  5. Column Labelfill with name OVO.

    Fill in the Indodax Label Column

  6. After that in the column Bankselect as Nobu Bank.

  7. And in the column Account numberfill with number prefix 9 connected to the mobile number of the OVO account.

    For example, your account number is 0812345678, then the account is 90812345678.

    Withdraw Indodax Balance to OVO Wallet

  8. Now continue the withdrawal process by filling in the withdrawal amount.

Indodax actually has also provided an OVO option on the Bank’s side, but the OVO account number must be the same as the number connected to the Indodax account so that the balance can be sent. Meanwhile, if the number is different, please use the method above.

And one more thing, make sure that the name of the owner of the OVO wallet is the same as the name registered with Indodax. Because if there is a difference, the withdrawal process will certainly be rejected.

Withdraw Using Indodax Official Exchanger Services

Another way that I think is more cost-effective for withdrawals. That is using the services of an exchanger that has become an official partner of Indodax. Some of these websites can be accessed on the Indodax Partner Exchange page.

Julybe you will also wonder is it safe? And I make sure everything is safe as long as the website is still active. Even I myself use an exchange service called InChanger a few days ago and the process went smoothly with a fairly minimal withdrawal fee, approx 7500 rupiah just.

Using this exchanger service, you are only asked to make a voucher on your account, and make sure the nominal is appropriate so that the process runs without any problems. Or if you are in doubt, sometimes the admin on the exchanger website provides live chat to ask questions first.

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So which method are you more interested in using? If you want to save withdrawal fees, it is better to use an exchanger. But make sure to use the official one and make sure the condition of the website is active so that everything runs smoothly.

If anyone has any questions regarding the tutorial for withdrawing balances from Indodax to OVO, please write them in the comments column for assistance.

Hopefully useful and good luck