How to Zoom In Viral Tiktok Videos

How to Zoom In Vidio Tiktok Viral_Tiktok is a social media that is currently widely used by android users, and even now Tiktok is also widely used in all circles. tiktok is an application with short videos or short videos. In this discussion, we will discuss how to zoom in a tiktok video which is currently busy with netizens, you can zoom in on tiktok or zoom in on a tiktok video without an application.

Currently tiktok is a social media with many users who share their short videos, even the tiktok story feature is also now available. a monetization feature where users can make money on tiktok up to millions of rupiah. And for the next article, we will discuss how to make money on tiktok in the next article.

This time what we will discuss is how to zoom in on the tiktok video, which is much sought after by netizens because when we watch a tiktok video, we will be able to zoom in on the tiktok video that we watch, of course this is curious for android users because not all android phones can use the feature. zoom in this tiktok video.

To make a zoom on a tiktok video is a simple and easy way for those of you who are looking for zoom in on a viral tiktok video right now. Of course this makes you curious about how to make a zoom in tiktok video like the one that is currently viral.

How to Zoom In Viral Tiktok Videos

To zoom in like the viral one on tiktok, for those of you who are curious, let’s discuss how to zoom in on the current viral tiktoo video.

First you can open your android phone.

Tap on the settings and/or settings options menu on your android phone.

And then enter the additional settings on your cellphone settings.

And select the “Ability” menu in the settings you opened earlier.

Tap on the “Ability” menu select in the vision menu section, and you select the zoom menu, activate it in the zoom section of the shortcut.

After all the settings above are active, then you just have to go to your tiktok application,

And then you can watch a video and you can zoom in on your tiktok video.

That’s how to zoom in a viral Tiktok video, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.