Hp Oppo A55 Released In Indonesia With 50 MP Camera

Hello android friends, welcome to our article. We will discuss the latest Oppo A55 cellphone released in Indonesia, with a 50 MP camera and 5,000mAh battery capacity.

Oppo has officially released its newest A-series smartphone, namely OPPO A55 in Indonesia, of course with various interesting advantages in this latest cellphone. This Oppo A55 has an advantage with a large capacity battery that makes it easy for users to last long in owning this cellphone, not only that HP, this OPPO A55 cellphone also has the advantage of fast charging and has a large resolution camera.

If you look at the shape of the OPPO A55 cellphone, it is almost similar to the Oppo A54 cellphone which was released some time ago. For the OPPO A55 cellphone battery capacity, it is larger than the capacity in the Oppo A54 cellphone, of course.

This Oppo A55 will pack the same body as the 5G variant. For the menu from outside itself, on the right side there is a power button embedded and doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

According to Aryo Meidianto A as PR manager of OPPO Indonesia, revealing that this OPPO A 55 emerged as the successor of the A54.OPPO A55 is also a balance between performance such as camera, design, and battery life the word ‘aryo meidianto’

For the battery capacity of this OPPO A55 cellphone, it has a large enough capacity, namely 5,000mAh. Which for a capacity with a large size like this, the battery will automatically last a long time and stay durable if used, for the durability of the OPPO A55 cellphone battery it claims will last about 16.3 hours for online video streaming, then clicked if you only use mic it can last about 24 hours, then 29 hours for phone calls.

The OPPO A55 cellphone also has a super nighttime standby feature, which functions to minimize power consumption on the battery.

For the results of the OPPO A55 cellphone camera, it is quite satisfying for its users, this OPPO A55 cellphone camera has three rear cameras consisting of a 50 MP main camera camera, and there are several more cameras, namely a 2 MP bokeh camera, then a 2 MP macro camera,

For this OPPO A55 cellphone, it is complete with 4GB of RAM which is able to run applications smoothly without being slow of course. Besides that, it also has 64GB of internal storage whose capacity can be expanded with micro SD up to 256 GB on this OPPO A55 cellphone.

And for the front camera, the OPPO A55 cellphone is equipped with a 6.51 screen with HD + resolution (1600×720 pixels) apart from that, the OPPO A55 cellphone is also equipped with water splash resistance, of course, if you use this cellphone, the fan is accidentally splashed with water, so calm down. Of course, this cellphone is also equipped with an IPX4 certification feature that can make the cellphone resistant to water splashes, of course.

Or if you get hit by rain then stay calm because this OPPO A55 cellphone can be resistant to water splashes.

This OPPO A55 also has dual SIM support, with a 4G-LITE network, WiFi, and uses ColorOS 11.1 based on android 11. and this OPPO A55 cellphone itself comes with Rainbow Blue and Starry Black color variants, this OPPO A55 will be available starting July 2022 at a price of Rp. 2,699,000 through OPPO’s offline and online channels in Indonesia.

Oppo A55 was released in Indonesia with a 50 MP camera and 5000mAh battery capacity.