Ichal Korg Vs Sakura School Simulator

Portalsitaro.com – Recently the name Ichal Korg has become a byword in the game sakura school simulator. This is because the name which is also one of the homeland SSS YouTubers is experiencing problems.

In our previous post entitled when will sakura school simulator be removed?. We have already explained why this YouTube account is quite viral and has become the talk of Sakura gamers in the country.

However, there are still many Sakubers friends who don’t know about the relationship between Ichal Korg’s YouTube channel and Gabusoft as the Sakura school simulator game developer.

Well, in this article we will provide a brief explanation of why the Ichal Korg account is viral, and what it has to do with Gabusoft. So, appear statement Sakura school simulator game will be removed. Here’s the full explanation.

Ichal Korg Vs Sakura School Simulator

If you’ve read the article about when sss games were removed above, maybe you’ll understand why we’re giving a versus in the title of this article.

This is of course natural, because one of the YouTubers’ uploads that was uploaded to their YT channel is allegedly a modification of the sakura school simulator game, which is not allowed by the manager of this illegal game.

Unfortunately, the upload has been deleted by the account owner who was instructed by Gabusoft. So, we can’t provide a reference to which content makes Gabusoft. Inc. sent an email warning that contained the word for the removal of the sakura school simulator game in all countries.

In essence, the beginning of the problem occurred when the Ichal Korg account created content about dances or movements that did not exist in the sakura school simulator game that was watched by thousands of people.

Due to the viral nature of the new movement, and not being in the original Sakura School Simulator game, one of Sakura’s friends asked about it via Gabusoft’s official social media account, more specifically his Twitter account.

Gabusoft claims that it has never made these movements and states that it is a pirated version and an illegal act.

Finally, Gabusoft sent a warning email to Ichal Korg’s YT account to delete the upload of the new dance content. With a few sentences stating that this game will be removed from circulation.

That’s the information we can convey regarding why Ichal Korg’s account has gone viral lately. For more information, please open the article on whether the sakura school simulator has been removed which we have inserted above. Thank you and hopefully useful.