If I cancel an order at Shopee, will the voucher come back? This is the answer

Portalsitaro.com – Shopee application users who have used the voucher they have are confused when they want to cancel the order they made. And wondering ‘if I cancel the order at shopee will the voucher come back?’.

The use of shopee vouchers is indeed quite beneficial for buyers of this application, because they can get benefits such as free shipping (postage) and discounts on certain products.

When someone wants to place an order, sometimes there is a sense of wanting to cancel it. Unfortunately, the Shopee voucher was already included in the order.

This also sparks curiosity for people who are facing this problem, and question whether the shopee voucher will be returned if the order is canceled or not?

Well, below we will provide a brief explanation related to the question above, namely if you cancel an order on the Shopee application, will the order be returned. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the detailed information.

If I cancel an order at Shopee, will the voucher come back?

You need to know, there are several types of vouchers in the Shopee application, be it cashback vouchers, discounts, store discounts, or free shipping. This voucher can be used by the user according to the voucher expiration date listed.

To use the voucher, users need to make a purchase or order a product in advance. If the product matches the criteria listed on the voucher, we can use it when placing an order.

But not infrequently we find that there are buyers who make purchases suddenly cancel their intention to buy these products, even though the shopee vouchers they have obtained are ready to be used.

To answer this problem, we quote it directly from the help.shopee page. So that there are no mistakes in the writing that we convey.

Discount vouchers, cashback, store discounts, and free shipping will be automatically returned within a maximum of 48 hours or 2 days after the order cancellation is approved.

Even so, there are some conditions that you need to know if you want the Shopee application voucher that you have to return. Here are the details:

  • Voucher is still valid.
  • If you order multiple orders and wish to cancel them in whole or in multiple orders, then the voucher amount used on this canceled order will not be refunded automatically. That means the voucher is forfeited.

In essence, users cannot get shopee vouchers back when one order is not purchased.

Basically, you can still get the voucher back when the item is still in the process of being purchased, and has not fully dealt with the seller. So, please take advantage of that time to get your Shopee voucher back.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the problem of canceling an order at shopee, will the voucher return? Now you know the answer to that question.

So, buyers don’t need to be confused when they use a shopee voucher but want to cancel an order for some reason. Thank you and hopefully useful.