If Shopee Account Is Deleted, Will COD Order Cancel? This is the answer

Free 95.site – Are you looking for an answer to the question if the shopee account is deleted, is the cod order cancelled? If yes, you are in the right place. Because below we will provide an explanation.

Shopee is an online buying and selling application that is quite popular today. The number of Shopee application advertisements on the internet and television makes people interested in using this online marketplace.

Shopee application, has various features. Of course, this feature makes it easier for users to understand and use this online buying and selling application. Also Read: Orders Being Verified By Shopee? This is the explanation

If Shopee Account Is Deleted, Will COD Order Cancel?

In a buying and selling activity at Shopee, not a few people ask about the problems they face, such as if the shopee application account is deleted, regular orders for COD are still sent or not.

Of course, the deletion of this shopee account can be due to several reasons that make the user who has made a purchase not know whether the order will be processed or not.

This is indeed a dilemma for the buyer (buyer). The reason is, he doesn’t know whether the item will arrive at his house or not with the COD system in the Shopee application feature.

For those of you who are experiencing this problem, below we will provide answers and explanations regarding whether the COD order will be forwarded or not if the Shopee account is deleted. Here is the full explanation.

COD Orders Still Sent

When someone orders an item to a seller via the Shopee application, he or she will be offered 2 transaction options, namely paying directly or paying directly cash or with the COD system.

If using the cash system, the goods will be sent according to the order made by the buyer. The money you pay, will be held by shopee first. And will be given after the seller confirms.

If you do not confirm within 3 days after the goods are received, then Shopee will confirm automatically and assume the buyer has received the goods.

Then does this apply to Shopee COD purchases, min?

Yes, it’s the same. The order will be sent even if the buyer’s shopee account has been deleted or is no longer active. With a note that the goods have been packaged and sent by the seller of the goods.

After the goods arrive in your city and are received by the courier, he will contact the customer via the contact or wa number written on the goods. If within a few days the buyer does not respond then the goods will be returned to the seller.

In essence, even if you have deleted your Shopee application account, items with a COD order system will still be delivered. It’s just that if there is no news from the buyer, the item will be returned to the seller.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the answer if the shopee account is deleted, whether the cod order is canceled. Hopefully what we share is easy to understand and help readers.