If You Don’t Pay My Bills, Understand The Risks

Portalsitaro.com – People who want to make loans at Akulaku or who have applied for credit may still be curious about what will happen if they don’t pay Akulaku’s bills.

The reason is, there are so many things now that people are flocking to apply for credit loans without knowing what risks will be accepted when they are unable to pay the loan.

Well, below we will explain a little about the risks if you don’t pay the Akulaku application bill. However, before going to the main topic of discussion, you need to know what Akulaku really is.

What is Akulaku?

Launching from the Akulaku com site. Akulaku is a financial platform for consumers that provides service facilities in Southeast Asia. This includes providing shopping facilities with installments and cash loans on online platforms or marketplaces.

Akulaku itself provides various support features, to make it easier for users to access applications that you can find on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

This platform even claims to be one of the fast loan services and payments using the credit installment method that can meet the emergency needs of consumers both at home and abroad.

Even though it has a tempting service, users need to know what risks will occur if they cannot pay Akulaku’s bills on a number of credits previously submitted. Also Read: How to Delete a Registered Akulaku Account

If You Don’t Pay My Bills, Understand The Risks

As an educational medium for users who want to make loans or who have made credit but don’t know the risk of not being able to pay off the Akulaku bill that has been submitted. Among others are

  • Terror through communication media
  • Debt collector will come to the house
  • Blacklist
  • There will be a penalty for late payment of the bill
  • Will be processed to legal channels

That’s the risk we will accept when we can’t pay my Akulaku account bill. So, please think about it first before applying for credit to one of the popular online loan applications in Indonesia.

How to Pay Installment Akulaku

If you don’t want to experience the above conditions, then users who have applied for credit in the Akulaku application need to pay a number of bills that are charged until the specified time limit. And, here is an easy way to pay Akulaku installments:

  1. Open the Akulaku application account. Then go to the ‘Bills’ menu.
  2. Next, please click on the ‘Pay off now’ option.
  3. You can also pay through the ‘Bills’ menu. Usually, we will be shown a number of bills that must be paid.
  4. The next step, adjust the payment method.
  5. At this stage we will be given a code virtual account (VA) as bill payment media.
  6. Copy or write down the VA code.
  7. Make payments according to the Akulaku billing method you choose.
  8. Wait until the Akulaku application automatically saves payment data.

Notes: Paying this Akulaku bill does not need to wait for confirmation from the person who applied for credit. Because the manager will automatically store data.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the risk of not being able to pay my Akulaku online loan bill and how to pay it off. I hope the above information will provide some education to the readers.

A little advice, don’t run away from responsibility by borrowing money without having the intention to return it. Because this is a criminal act and violates the law. Get used to paying before maturity to be safe from the various risks above. To live in peace, even though you still have many responsibilities. Thank you and hopefully useful.