Inaccurate Date and Time Solution on WhatsApp

Problems that exist in WhatsApp on average can be solved easily. Same as the problem of the wrong date and time when opening the application. In general, this is because the date and time information on the device is not set correctly, but there are other factors that can affect it as well.

All mobile phones have a feature to detect the date and time automatically by insert SIM card valid. But besides that, users can also set it manually by choosing the right time zone, namely: GMT+7.

But if you have set the date and time correctly, of course there are other things that cause this problem to occur. No need to worry, because this article will explain a powerful solution to overcome it.

1. Update WhatsApp App

Older versions of the WhatsApp app may result in incorrect date and time notifications when opening the app. Usually this is because you haven’t updated the WhatsApp app in a long time, or are using a new phone.

So the solution is very easy, please update the WhatsApp application through the Play Store. First open the Play Store app, and then search for the WhatsApp app, then tap the button UPDATE. Then wait for the download and installation process to complete. And in the end, please open WhatsApp again, it must be normal now.

2. Reinstall WhatsApp

It’s almost the same as updating, it’s just that you first need to delete the WhatsApp application on your cellphone. This method is also quite effective if the first method above does not produce results.

Please uninstall or uninstall the WhatsApp application, and then download and reinstall the WhatsApp application via the Play Store. By deleting it won’t affect similar data picture/photo/document ever received on WhatsApp, so this 100% safe to do.

3. Check Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection can also cause this to happen. This is because the WhatsApp server cannot synchronize the time with that on the device due to an unstable internet network.

So please check if the internet connection on your phone is available and smooth to use. In addition, you can also try using other types of networks, for example, if you previously used a WiFi network, please try using cellular data.

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Simply by doing the three solutions above, of course, the problem of the wrong date and time in the WhatsApp application will be resolved. But if all the methods above have been done but are still the same, most likely the problem occurs on the WhatsApp server. Usually this kind of problem is temporary and happens to all users. So you just have to wait and try to open WhatsApp for a while.

Most people experience this problem only because they are using an old version of the application. Even WhatsApp itself advises all its users to always update the application every time there is an update, this is so that users always get the latest level of application security.

Hopefully useful and good luck