IndiHome 1 Day Late Payment? This is the Consequence – Julybe there are new IndiHome wifi users who are curious about what will happen if they are late paying for IndiHome 1 day? will the internet be revoked, will it be fined, or something else.

As we already know, the deadline for paying IndiHome bills each month is the 20th. If it exceeds that date then we are already included in the bill payment.

So, what will happen when IndiHome users have paid for 1 day? curious, right?. Below we will provide an explanation related to this, please read to the end to find out more detailed information.

IndiHome 1 Day Late Payment

Late payments of any kind cannot be tolerated, as well as the use of Wifi IndiHome.

If there are Indihome users who have paid the bill after the payment is due. Then there will be consequences that will be obtained from this.

The consequences that will be obtained for customers who are late paying indihome a day are quite a lot. Therefore, below we will provide details in detail.

Consequences If You Are Late Paying Indihome 1 Day

Before going to the topic of discussion, namely knowing what will happen when a customer is late paying indiHome. IndiHome itself has given 20 days of payment time each month, which is on 1-20.

This means that there are approximately 20 days for indiHome customers to be able to collect money and pay this internet bill. If after that time you still haven’t paid the bill, it’s only natural that indiHome will give strict sanctions.

The sanctions for users who are late in paying IndiHome a day are network isolation and a fine with the stipulation of how long to delay. More details, please check below:

Isolated Network

IndiHome isolation is a condition which is generally caused by someone’s delay in paying monthly bills. Customers who commit violations when accessing the internet, television, or telephone will be isolated. So it can’t be used.

The isolated network is also quite long, starting from the 21st to the 30th-31st (end of the month). So, it is very burdensome for people who need internet access for the work he does.


In addition to getting the consequences of being isolated from the internet network. Users who have paid the bill will be subject to a real penalty of 5% – 10%. Depends on how long he is late in making payments.

If he is late and the bill is in arrears on the 21 -30/31 (end of the month). Then he will be subject to a fine of 5% only. However, if it is more than that, the customer will be subject to a 10% fine.

We think the fine is quite large for some people, especially for the lower middle class workers whose basic needs are sometimes sufficient, sometimes not.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the consequences of being late paying indihome 1 day. So, you will be charged a fine of 5% and also the television internet network, as well as, the phone will be isolated.

Questions About Late Paying Indihome Bills 1 Day

Here are some questions that we have summarized regarding the problem of late paying for this IndiHome Wifi:

  1. What are the consequences if you are late paying Indihome a day? Customers will be subject to a fine of 5% of the total payment and network isolation.
  2. How much is the fine for late paying indihome a week? 5% only.
  3. I’m 1 day late and the bill is still the same, no fines are recorded, but the internet is isolated. What to do? Please ask the IndiHome team for help via WA or IG. You will be directed later if you encounter problems like this.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the problem of late paying IndiHome 1 today. If you have further questions, please ask them in the comments column. Thank you and hopefully useful.