Indosat Emergency Quota 3GB 7 Days, Here’s How to Get It – For Indosat card prepaid customers, you may have thought about buying this provider’s emergency package. One of the emergency packages that Isat users are quite interested in is the Indosat 3GB 7-day emergency quota.

Yep, this emergency package is not shown for all Indosat Im3 Ooredo card customers or others. But a special package that is intended for special credit customers (feels like a special person, doesn’t it?)

There may be Indosat card customers who are wondering, how to activate the Indosat 3gb 7 day emergency internet package. Whether it’s using an sms code, dial UMB or in the MyIm3 application.

You need to know that you can only get the Indosat 3gb weekly package through the ‘cook’ method. Prospective buyers need to do a trick to be able to get a 2-3GB emergency package at a cost of 1,000+ 450 VAT when he has filled up his credit. The price we think is cheaper than the Yellow package of Rp. 5000 for 3 days.

So, what is the trick to bring up the Indosat Im3 Ooredo 3gb 7 emergency package today, min? Well, below we will provide information on how to get this Indosat emergency package.

How to bring up 3GB 7 Days Indosat Emergency Quota

Okay, before getting to the core stage of this article. We do not guarantee that this 3GB weekly emergency quota promo will 100% appear. It’s just that when we apply, we can make the package exist.

So please try to use this method if you are sure that the package will appear. If not, it’s okay. Here are the steps!

  • Make sure your Indosat card is still active, not in a grace period or in debt.
  • Make sure the credit in the Indosat number is 0.
  • If so, open the Calls app. Then type *929# click Ok / Call to enter the package menu.
  • On the package menu, there are various cheap Im3 Ooredo packages. Just choose the Yellow package, choose the Rp 5000, 1GB/3 days.
  • Wait until there is a message stating that your credit is not sufficient.
  • At this stage, customers just need to wait for the 2-3GB emergency quota promotion message. If so, please reply to the message with a Yes/Ok option.
  • Try when you receive a reply in the form of an emergency package promotion notification (not a message), you need to make an emergency quota purchase quickly. If not, usually the promo will be lost.
  • If you have successfully registered for an emergency quota, you will receive a message reply that the 3GB/7day Indosat data package has been successfully activated, Congratulations!.

Overcoming Unable to Get Indosat 3GB Emergency Quota Promo For 7 Days

For customers who are less fortunate because they can’t get this Indosat emergency quota package, don’t worry. Because, maybe today the package doesn’t show up, the day after tomorrow or next week you can get it.

According to personal experience, please buy the weekly Yellow package with 0 pulses periodically (don’t give up!). it aims to lure cheap internet promos issued by Indosat.

This SOS credit will usually be valid only a few times, either 3-4 times within 1 month. After that, there may be new packages that are either cheaper or more expensive, which are aimed at loyal Indosat card customers.

So, please use the trick above to lure the Indosat 3GB weekly package at a price of 1,450 or get other cheap SOS package promos.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the 3GB weekly Indosat emergency quota, priced at Rp. 1,450. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. Especially for the mediocre economy like us. Thank you and hopefully useful